Turning 24!

Life is interesting, With each passing year it brings with it some wonderful experiences, some of which are experienced for the first time. And those experiences bring along with it some confusion as well as excitement! Here’s my friend Artee Malave, sharing in her own words, an incident which made a flood of questions and thoughts flow in her mind! Some questions every girl turning 24 has to face.

Yes, Turning 24 and preparing myself for the question “Beta, Shaadi kab kar rahi ho?”

Few days back I was having coffee while relaxing on my favourite  swing in the balcony & I heard my mom chatting with some random relative on phone. As soon as she hung up the phone, she ran to me and said “Guess what?” with a huge smile on her face. Seeing the blank expression on my face, she decided to finally tell me that “Mujhe(by that I mean me :D) rishta aaya hai.” For her it was moment of celebration & for me the coffee had suddenly started tasting more bitter! A little bit in trauma, those last words of mom kept repeating in my brain and that sudden realisation of growing up made me feel sick.

Mom later on was busy with her daily chores, I was still in the balcony trying to recover from the incident that has just happened. There were so many thoughts going on in my brain:

Oh my god! Marriage? What about my career!! I don’t even have my dream job yet…I will need few more years to settle down…I have never thought about the kind of guy I want to marry!

Deciding your life partner is a tough task. (I have been through some tough situations like deciding whether Oreo is better or Hide n Seek 😄 ). Lame jokes apart, being born and brought up with a family who gave me enough freedom, will I get the same freedom after marriage? Will I get to meet my friends after marriage too? Will he be okay with my male friends? Will he understand that my career is the most important thing in my life? Will he give me my space? Will he be able to handle my crazy mood swings? Will he understand that I can start dancing absolutely for no reason? ( this one was irrelevant, But I do start dancing when I am bored :D) And the questions poping up in my brain never stopped.

The girl who has been single for 23 years is always a bit confused about the kind of life partner she want, Whether she wants to be with a guy who is introvert or she wants to be with a guy who is extrovert, Whether a guy who stays calm in every situation or is super excited all the time. And, deciding this while offering a plate of samosa is the most difficult thing of all ( i.e Arrange marriage). Arrange marriage has always managed to scare the shit out of me. Everytime the people I know have got married, I always ask them how did they decide that this guy is the one, eveytime I got answers like “it just clicks” ( I wonder whether she married a human or a computer mouse) or “you just have this feeling that he is the one” (still searching …what exactly she meant.)

For me it was scary because I don’t understand how do people get married to the guy who they are not in love with!! Elder’s always say “U will eventually fall in love.” & I always argue “what if we don’t eventually fall in love?”, “what if we start hating each other?”, “what if he is not as interesting as I thought?” I never really got the answer for this questions. May be that’s why the divorce rate is increasing at such high pace. Back to the question, Meeting someone once (or may be twice or thrice) is not sufficient to decide whether you are going to spend rest of the life with this guy!! I know there are various articles on such topics “if guy has this 10 qualities marry him” but does this all really help? not to me atleast. This articles are based on generalisations but every person is different from other. And, my question remains still unanswered.

Evertime you come up with questions relating to Arrange marriage, people out there always suggest you to marry a guy who is rich or has his own flat. Really is having enough money sufficient to decide if He is the one? I always thought it in a different way, I think you should look for things that are going to stay permanent like his behaviour, the way he treats you, the sets of discipline he follows in his life because money is a temporary factor, its very important to know what kind of human being he is!!

Finally I would like to say Marry a guy Who learns with you, trusts you, encourages you and Respects you!!

P.S: –

Please don’t ask me where and how to find such a guy because I am still searching…

Keep Searching,

Artee Malave


Smile : The shortest distance between two people .

” A smile has the key to open every heart ‘ s lock in the world ”

Smile – Yes , Indeed its the key to every heart in the world . But unfortunately we spend our smiles like misers . Yes , offcourse its precious , but its the only precious thing in the world , the more lavishly you spend it , the more profit you ‘ ll gain .

( Emma lookin so gorgeous . . . Come on ! Stop staring at her . Read further ) I ‘ ve read many books of Dale Carnegie – ( I am his big fan actually ) , he wrote some amazing books like ” How to win friends and influence people ” , ” How to stop worrying and start living ” , ” The quick and easy way of effective speaking ” , etc . In all his books , he has written some mind blowing techniques to spread happiness around and become friends with people easily ( Genuine friend ) . One thing was common in all of these books : – yes you are right , ” Smile ! ”

I am not saying to stick up a stupid smile on your face all the time when no ones around . In fact , it may look extremely wierd and lunatic . Well , I am just saying to give a happy smile to people . There are number of people we want to be friend with but our attitude or their attitude is what comes in between . Give a smile to such people – its like banging their locked door of attitude and sayin , ” hey hie , you look more good without this door ! Would you open it for me ? ”

A person you are in acquaintance with , you want to be good friend of him , you like someone , you want to see whether that wierd professor of yours smiles ever or not , or you got a crush – smile at him / her , wait for his smiling back , if he wont , probably you got the answer , he is not a person deserving to be your friend . – simple !

I know , some of you are already spreading your beautiful smiles in a right way , but some people dont ! Remember any person , you gave smile to but he didnt !!!
There are three reasons for a person not giving back a smile to you .

1 . He / She is shy . ( Go for a further talk with him / her then . )

2 . He / she is in a bad mood . ( Better smile next time . )

3 . He / she doesnt like you . ( Let him / her go to hell ! )

These are some of the fascinating true facts about smile which I read on a website –

1 . Smiles are contagious – according to a study conducted in sweden , people when looked at smiling faces , their muscles twitched into smiles , all on their own ! ( so now you know , that not just your ‘ yawn ‘ is contagious ! )

2 . Forcing yourself to smile , boasts your mood .

3 . Women smile more than men . ( 😛 )

4 . Its easier to smile , than to frown .

5 . Smiles relieves stress .

6 . Smile is the most easily recognized facial expression – people can see a smile even from 300 feets away .

Though this incident has no connection with the topic , still you can just read it –
It happened to me in the internals recently , I reached the exam hall 5 minutes late . ( So what ? Just 5 minutes !! ) ( Lol ! ) The whole classroom was full , there wasnt any seat available , the professor made me sit in the girls row beside a hot girl . ( I dunno , why during exams , I end up getting a seat besides hot girls always ! How can you expect a boy to concentrate on the ongoing exam then ? )
I saw the question paper , it was easy , except the last sum . I forgot the formula ! ( See ! I told you , never sit beside hotties during exams ! ) . I solved all the sums , was trying to recollect the last sum ‘ s formula , she looked at me perplexed . I smiled , she smiled back . ” hey , tuje aata he sab ? ” , she asked . ” Haan , except the last sum ! ” , she told me the formula ( but that bimbo copied all my sums ) !!

Moral – ” your smile can even save your marks . ” ( and all hot girls are dumb ! )

Warnings : –

1 . Dont stick up a dumb smile on your face 24 * 7 , or else you might look like this ,

2 . Dont smile , when your professor or parents are scolding you , you might end up making your cheeks ‘ red . ‘ ( By a tight slap , offcourse ! )

3 . For Boys – Dont stare and smile many times at a girl like dumbs . If she smiles back – good ! But if she wont , and you keep on giving her a smile – you might end up turning your face red ! ( By a tight sandal hit offcourse ! )

4 . Dont smile if someone has a ‘ funny fall . ‘ ( Though you might feel like laughing ! ) ( Hahaha . . . This ‘ funny fall ‘ reminds me of my class ‘ function ! ) Ahem !

I wrote this article to bring a smile upon your face , just stare at this baby ‘ s eyes for 5 seconds , I challenge , you wont be able to control your smile . Try it !

See , you are smiling !!Keep smiling , you got a beautiful one .
Give a stranger one of your smiles , it might be the only sunshine he sees all day , and If you dont have a smile , dont worry , I ‘ l give you one . 🙂

Keep smiling . 🙂