Turning 24!

Life is interesting, With each passing year it brings with it some wonderful experiences, some of which are experienced for the first time. And those experiences bring along with it some confusion as well as excitement! Here’s my friend Artee Malave, sharing in her own words, an incident which made a flood of questions and thoughts flow in her mind! Some questions every girl turning 24 has to face.

Yes, Turning 24 and preparing myself for the question “Beta, Shaadi kab kar rahi ho?”

Few days back I was having coffee while relaxing on my favourite  swing in the balcony & I heard my mom chatting with some random relative on phone. As soon as she hung up the phone, she ran to me and said “Guess what?” with a huge smile on her face. Seeing the blank expression on my face, she decided to finally tell me that “Mujhe(by that I mean me :D) rishta aaya hai.” For her it was moment of celebration & for me the coffee had suddenly started tasting more bitter! A little bit in trauma, those last words of mom kept repeating in my brain and that sudden realisation of growing up made me feel sick.

Mom later on was busy with her daily chores, I was still in the balcony trying to recover from the incident that has just happened. There were so many thoughts going on in my brain:

Oh my god! Marriage? What about my career!! I don’t even have my dream job yet…I will need few more years to settle down…I have never thought about the kind of guy I want to marry!

Deciding your life partner is a tough task. (I have been through some tough situations like deciding whether Oreo is better or Hide n Seek 😄 ). Lame jokes apart, being born and brought up with a family who gave me enough freedom, will I get the same freedom after marriage? Will I get to meet my friends after marriage too? Will he be okay with my male friends? Will he understand that my career is the most important thing in my life? Will he give me my space? Will he be able to handle my crazy mood swings? Will he understand that I can start dancing absolutely for no reason? ( this one was irrelevant, But I do start dancing when I am bored :D) And the questions poping up in my brain never stopped.

The girl who has been single for 23 years is always a bit confused about the kind of life partner she want, Whether she wants to be with a guy who is introvert or she wants to be with a guy who is extrovert, Whether a guy who stays calm in every situation or is super excited all the time. And, deciding this while offering a plate of samosa is the most difficult thing of all ( i.e Arrange marriage). Arrange marriage has always managed to scare the shit out of me. Everytime the people I know have got married, I always ask them how did they decide that this guy is the one, eveytime I got answers like “it just clicks” ( I wonder whether she married a human or a computer mouse) or “you just have this feeling that he is the one” (still searching …what exactly she meant.)

For me it was scary because I don’t understand how do people get married to the guy who they are not in love with!! Elder’s always say “U will eventually fall in love.” & I always argue “what if we don’t eventually fall in love?”, “what if we start hating each other?”, “what if he is not as interesting as I thought?” I never really got the answer for this questions. May be that’s why the divorce rate is increasing at such high pace. Back to the question, Meeting someone once (or may be twice or thrice) is not sufficient to decide whether you are going to spend rest of the life with this guy!! I know there are various articles on such topics “if guy has this 10 qualities marry him” but does this all really help? not to me atleast. This articles are based on generalisations but every person is different from other. And, my question remains still unanswered.

Evertime you come up with questions relating to Arrange marriage, people out there always suggest you to marry a guy who is rich or has his own flat. Really is having enough money sufficient to decide if He is the one? I always thought it in a different way, I think you should look for things that are going to stay permanent like his behaviour, the way he treats you, the sets of discipline he follows in his life because money is a temporary factor, its very important to know what kind of human being he is!!

Finally I would like to say Marry a guy Who learns with you, trusts you, encourages you and Respects you!!

P.S: –

Please don’t ask me where and how to find such a guy because I am still searching…

Keep Searching,

Artee Malave


Why so sexist? 

We can’t neglect the sexism which exists in the society today. Judging people based on their gender is one of the most distasteful and lame things you can do. No, not everyone does it. But there are many. Most of them are uneducated or have been raised with such pathetic thinking such as girls can do this, boys can do that…and so on. 

You may find many articles about feminism and ways of tackling sexism towards women. However, even men face such sexism and yet hardly people talk about it. For eg- From an early age men are told not to cry. “Crying is a trait of women.”

So today I thought about writing on this sensitive topic, which I don’t expect every person to understand. Only a few sensible people would agree upon that.

We human beings go through a number of emotions every day, some of them are sadness, anger, happiness, love etc and each of this emotion needs to be expressed properly to avoid emotional and mental instability, irrespective if you are a Girl, Boy or a Transgender

Anger is associated with sadness. When a person is hurt, he feels sad, and this emotion comes out with crying. When you tell a kid, he should not cry and be a man(because of your lame sexist thinking), every time the kid feels sad, instead of crying he curbs that emotion, and that emotion comes out in the form of Anger. Because emotions always come out, if not in present, in future for sure. And thus it continues forever, As the kid grows up he becomes more and more short tempered, he avoids crying, and even he starts believing that crying is a sign of weakness. He becomes short tempered because he can’t express his sadness the way it was meant to be- i.e crying. I am not talking about crying for every other small stuff, but yeah, if a boy cries for small reasons, even then he can’t be told to be a MAN. Because being a man has nothing to do with crying. Go and consult a physician if you are in doubt.  

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, etc we all have seen them cry, in the news reports on tv. 

Sanjay Dutt cried in the media when talking about his jail term. 

Salman Khan cried at Rajat Bharjatya’s funeral. He couldn’t hide his tears at Om Puri’s Funeral too.

Aamir has cried in every Satyamev Jayate episode, even the news channel played his videos of wiping tears during Bajrangi Bhaijaan premier. 

So is any of them less of a man? Go and ask their respective wives and kids. 
It’s not just me who thinks so. There are many who share similar thinking as mine. I found these brilliant pictures uploaded by facebook page- Inspirational Quotes. I saved all of them. I request you to read each one of them. 

” Men don’t love, they lust.”

“PINK? You are wearing pink! Sheeh. Ladki hai kya?”

“Gossiping is so girly!!”

“Be a man! Stop crying like a girl.”

“Mard ko darrd nahi hota?”

Not feeling pain is a dangerous disorder, called as Congenital insensitivity. If you are marrd, bang your head on a wall, if you don’t feel any pain, you are pretty much suffering from this disorder.

“A man should always pay for women.”

Why? Women don’t earn? Women are equally stable mentally, socially, financially as men are! 

“All men are the same.”

You see? All men have different body structures. Different faces. Different minds. Different upbringing. 

If all men are the same, why aren’t all men rich like Anil Ambani? Or why are they not terrorists like Osama? Coz every person is different, whether its a male or a female. 

And finally, the most important thing, there are too many perverts out there in the world. Men who stare women with lusty eyes, pass on cheap comments, harass them, etc. but it is also a fact that all men are not the same.
There are men who respect women, who are not afraid to show their emotions, who know that men, women and transgenders are Equal
So please, if you see someone in your family or friends repeating those male-female sexist clichés, mock them! Hope this article impacts the message it wants to convey on to your minds. Don’t be afraid to convey it to the sexists you see around. Thank you. 


Pratik Jadhav

A New Book Launch To Look Out For! 

​In the past, I’ve reviewed two wonderful books by Shubha Vilas, Ramayana- The Game Of Life: Shattered Dreams: Part 2 and The Stolen Hope: Book 3. You can check out the reviews by clicking their names. The depth and details with which Shubha Vilas writes is terrific and recently I got an e-mail from him about a new launch of his book called ‘Open Eyed Meditation’ which surprisingly is NOT in line with Ramayana series this time. Though it’s definitely related to Mythology. He shared the book cover and summary of his new book, which I was too excited to share with you guys. 
Here is the exclusive look of the front and back cover:

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? As you can see the price of the book is kept ₹250 which is a good deal I think since the priceless values and fun shubha vilas books usually offer. Though if it is really worth the money, we’ll find it when I review it for you guys very soon.
Here is the exclusive Introduction straight from the book and Author’s pen: 

Meditation essentially means perceiving deeper truths from within. 
For those who thought that meditation is a closed- eyed phenomenon, I beg to differ. And offer them Open- eyed Meditations, a book that shows another perspective to meditation. 
When you are open to life, life opens up to you. The upper limit of your ability to learn is determined by the upper limit of your desire to learn. Nature is actually a school that happily teaches eager students the secret lessons of life. Open-eyed Meditations is a collection of thoughts about various aspects of life that is purely inspired by observing the world through the lenses of the Vedic epics. 
Each meditation in the book deals with a modern problem that each one of us encounters in life and is accompanied by profound insights to those situations through a story or a character from the ancient epics. 
Why ancient epics? The reason being that there is something attractive about the epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana that has kept them alive century after century. Beyond the storyline, something deeper is waiting to be discovered from these ancient texts. This book is an attempt to uncover the hidden layer of wealth that is cleverly packaged within the commonly known storylines. 
Albert Einstein said, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep the balance one has to keep moving.’ For most people, there is no time to stop to learn how to maintain good relationships, how to become effective leaders, how to manage complications in life, and so on and so forth. They are already on the bicycle of life and most of the times speedily trending downwards. In such a delicate situation any quick tip to help retain the balance is always welcome! 
Thus, Open-eyed Meditations is a distillation of ancient wisdom tips for modern lives; a unique self-help book wherein each meditation takes you on a journey to the past, bringing a secret herb to heal a problem of the present. 
Whether you are dealing with complex dynamics of relationships or solving an impossible crisis in your life or coming to terms with embarrassing failures or struggling with important decisions or dealing with any kind of addiction, this book offers valuable nuggets of wisdom and action point resources to deal with it all. 
Open-eyed Meditations is a by-product of reading thousands of wisdom books, learning from thousands of wise men and keenly observing thousands of life situations. It is replete with intellectually stimulating analogies and quotes that will stick in your mind long after you have put the book down. It’s definitely not a one-time read, but surely warrants a meditative one. Every meditation is independent and complete. These meditations will provoke you to think about life in ways you would have never thought of. 
Water is all over the air, but when air is subjected to the process of condensation, we get water. Similarly, ideas/ thoughts are all over, but when subjected to the process of contemplation, they become accessible to us. When a thought is held for a long duration of time and processed through the machinery of contemplation, then life sutras are produced. Open-eyed Meditations is a book of ‘thought sutras’ that can become ‘life sutras’. 

Read this book the way a cow eats grass while ruminating. Chew on every word carefully till you have milky lucidity that nourishes every aspect of your life. This book will help you learn the art of meditating with your eyes wide open as you keenly observe the world around you and allow it to enlighten you. 

Here are some of the reviews for this book from famous writers and personalities: 

Deep exploration, congent analysis, and lucid interpretation of stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata… This book should be on every bookshelf and in every home.


Intuitive yet pragmatic, Open-eyed Mediations is a lucid and thoughtful window to mindfulness.


A wonderful book that reveals many profound secrets through varied meditations, each of which can nurture a different aspect of your life.


A unique approach to help us address issues and questions that we have in our life… useful and enlightening. Highly recommended.


Shubha Vilas has extracted the knowledge of timeless epics, distilled the wisdom, and presented it in a contemporary form… a book you will want to read over again to absorb the brilliant learnings.

ABHISHEK KARANI, Director, The Free Press Journal

Open-eyed Meditations is a book for all moods and all seasons… these rare 64 gems talk to us, make us ponder, and goad us to accept…Read it and digest it for a better life!

HITAL R. MESWANI, Executive Director and Board of Reliance Industries Ltd.

For all those who are new to Author Shubha Vilas, here is all you need to know about him: 

Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. 

In essence, he is an author, a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and a storyteller par excellence. 

His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He addresses their crucial needs through thought-provoking seminars. 

Shubha Vilas periodically interacts with the youth in premier institutes across the world, inspiring them to live a life based on deeper human values. Close to his heart is his role as a guide and teacher to school children, teaching foundational values through masterful storytelling. 

Traveling across the globe and meeting people from all walks of life, he teaches the importance of being governed by dharmic principles, meting out spiritual lifestyle tips and contemporary wisdom to deal with modern-day life situations. 

He is the author of the best-selling book series known as ‘Ramayana – The Game of Life’ published by Jaico Books, that distills thought-provoking life lessons through the gripping narrative of the story of the Ramayana. 
You can connect with him on Facebook and twitter as well: 
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/shubhavilas
Twitter: @shubhavilas 

As I said, in the coming days I’ll be sharing my review of this book. In the meantime, you can check out bookshops near you for the availability of this book, since it’s going to be launched this August. Exact date is not known to me yet. 
Also, Chetan Bhagat’s new book titled One Indian Girl is releasing this Diwali. I’ll be sharing details about the book soon in my next post. 
Till then don’t stop reading! Please like, share and subscribe to the blog. Need your support. Thank you. 

Signing off,

Pratik Jadhav. 

My take on Tanmay Bhat’s snapchat video.


Well, the garma garam topic since 2 days is the snapchat video of Tanmay Bhat wherein he imitates Sachin’s voice with 3D mask and makes a debate between Lata Mangeshkar and him on the topic of, who is better batsman Virat or sachin?
When I saw the video, hearing the mimicry of sachin’s voice and Lata mangeshkar’s voice, I was laughing. Soon in few seconds, the line came up- ‘Lata di you are 5000 years old, so better you die. Even John Snow has died…etc.’ and I was like…Ohhh, that’s quite too much. Telling a legend to die is not at all funny. Especially such legends, because of whom the world respects India.



The reaction which it has recieved, is in fact also quite bizzare like the jokes on Lata Mangeshkar. MNS people baning his future shows in Mumbai. Filing an FIR against him. I mean what the fuck!

Tanmay Bhat is no match to the legends whom he has made fun of in the video, so why are people taking him so seriously?????

Moreover, Lata Mangeshkar herself has said she doesn’t want to see the video. She just ignored it. Why can’t we too ignore it?

Its simple, if you like something, watch it and applause. If you don’t like something, ignore it. Or just don’t subscribe that snapchat ID or their youtube channel. Have they forced you to join?

Why Ban them???

There are so many important issues in the country which requires immediate action and even our attention as well, but nobody gives a fuck about it. Nobody cares about water problem people are facing, nobody cares about farmer’s problem. How to develop irrigation facilities this year? How to save more and more water? All this is ignored and topic of Tanmay Bhat’s snapchat is discussed as if there is nothing better to do.

How many channels have cared to talk on recent MAN KI BAAT by PM Modi ?? Have they even heard it?


Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin don’t care about the video. Why should we invest our valuable time in it?


There should not be any problem on him mimicing Sachin and Lata, many comedians in the past have done it in comedy shows. Even now they do it in Kapil sharma show. But yeah, they don’t abuse. Abusing has offended us, so just don’t watch the video. Don’t ban him. He has done very comical videos before(Except the Roast) which were loved by people, we should not simply ignore that.


People are tweeting against Tanmay Bhat because celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, Celina Jetley, etc have also tweeted against him. They are like, if celebrities are saying he is wrong, he MUST be wrong. Come on, you have your own brain, decide for yourself.

I am not at all supporting his video, I didn’t like the abusive part. But I am also not supporting the over-reaction his video has received. Media should focus on important topics in regards to country rather than showing tanmay’s stupid video again and again, and debating on it. And Banning, is never a solution, because then there would be no difference between India and Pakistan.


Pratik Jadhav

Top 19 Must-Know facts which will make you smarter!

You are probably wondering, why 19? Why not 20? Well, because I just found out 19. It’s “Inspired” from a whatsapp message I received. I checked these facts on the internet and they seem true. Have a look at them and decide for yourself. I think they are awesome.


Did You Know? ( That’s how every fact begins.)

1. Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes. ( Stop buying those fake branded ones.)


2. If you sit for more than 11 hours a day, there’s a 50% chance you’ll die within the next 3 years. ( Just get set and sleep. I know it’s tough, but…)


3. There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you. There’s a 9% chance that you’ll meet one of them in your lifetime. ( Imagine your wife or husband looking exactly like you, such a wierd looking couple that would be, theoretically.)


4. Sleeping without a pillow reduces back pain and keeps your spine stronger. ( I never sleep with a pillow. Wow. My spine is stronger. Burn. )


5. A person’s height is determined by their father, and their weight is determined by their mother. ( That doesn’t mean you put your fat belly’s blame to your parents!)


6. If a part of your body “falls asleep”,
you can almost always “wake it up” by shaking your head. (Shake that thing!)


7. There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing – Food, attractive people and danger. (Ya, I totally understand this, I cannot resist noticing hot girls. )


8. Right-handed people tend to chew food on their right side. ( I actually chew from the left one, I am so unique, chosen one. ) #Narcissist


9. Putting dry tea bags in gym bags or smelly shoes will absorb the unpleasant odour. (That’s gross, I opt for spraying deos.) (Hold on! My shoes never smell in the first place!)


10. According to Albert Einstein, if honey bees were to disappear from earth, humans would be dead within 4 years. ( Maybe by honey he meant all the wives and girlfriends in the world.)


11. There are so many kind of apples , that if you ate a new one everyday, it would take over 20 years to try them all.(Let’s just go for mango.)


12. You can survive without eating for weeks, but you will only live 11 days without sleeping. ( Zzzz…That’s why I sleep so much. I wanna live longer. )


13. People who laugh a lot are healthier than those who don’t. ( Hahaha…hmm…hehehe…hm)


14. Laziness and inactivity kills just as many people as smoking.( Quit smoking, Quit laziness as well. Janheet me jaari. )


15. A human brain has a capacity to store 5 times as much information as Wikipedia. (Wow!! Why it couldn’t remember some answers during exams. 😦 guess I underused it. )


16. Our brain uses same amount power as 10-watt light bulb!! ( Electrifying fact.)


17. Our body gives enough heat in 30 mins to boil 1.5 litres of water!! (Oh! So that’s why they call me hot. Now I got it.) 


18. Stomach acid (conc. HCl) is strong enough to dissolve razor blades!! (Scary, where do these acid come from? And where do they go?)


19. Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. & while you walk, SMILE. It is the ultimate antidepressant. (Yes this works, I’ve tried. If there’s a hot chick around, she might think you are smiling at her, helps in building new contacts you see. )


So, that’s it. Congratulations!! You have become smarter by 19 Facts, now go brag ’em to your friends. Let me know what you think about these facts in the comment section below. *Winks*


Pratik Jadhav

WhatsApp Fools.



It was 2009 when I passed my SSC, few weeks later I got a cool new feature phone. It was obviously not android. (Because it wasn’t launched in India by then, duh!) But it had all the features of a high end device like Bluetooth, camera, etc. But the only fascinating one was SMS- Not a whole new feature I know. But it was amazing. I used it to chat all day long with my friends, even crushes. (Plural? Hmm.) Jokes, Shayris, Quotes, simple morning to good night wishes. I remember recharging with a special sms pack which allowed to send 100 free SMS’s per day, and trust me, even that felt few at that time. I maintained a dairy to write all the SMS’s which I think are worth treasuring. I was stupid enough to not know that one day SMS is gonna die.

The best thing about the SMSing was the suspense! (Suspense?) Ya! Coz there wasn’t any last seen, or seen ticks. There was this curiosity as to whether the recipient (Crush/ Girlfriend, whoever it was!) has really read our texts or not? And if yes, “why is she not replying? Has she read my texts? I got the delivery report though! I shouldn’t have sent her that compliment about how beautiful she was looking today, she must be thinking I am trying to flirt with her or something, shits!!” These were some of the common thoughts every sms using teenager went through. And after few minutes of glancing at the phone screen, nail biting, praying etc. when all of a sudden our phone beeped with a new message, it made our heart have that one loud beat of excitement and happiness!!

But achanak, one day, android was launched and it became a household name, easy and snappy interface, speed computing and unlimited apps to download made it a must have feature in a smartphone. And thus after a year or so, whatsapp came into this world, the option of sending music, videos, pictures and texts all for free without having any MMS mess was awesome! Now we use it so regularly that this feature seems normal, But initially the idea was superb and impressive!!But, Whatsapp even brought many problems with it, such as the root cause of many breakups i.e Last Seen at _ and even if you hide it, people suspect your loyalty wondering why we had the need to hide our last seen. Thus gradually, SMS was sent in a state of comma, where people now use it only to receive the network offers. Now a person can live without drinking water for a day, but not without whatsapp.



And now with whatsapp comes some funny yet irritating text messages. I am sure even you all might’ve received some of them. Read below!!


“Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram.” This message is sent directly from Shirdi, please don’t break the chain, Forward it to 10 contacts and within next 10 minutes your wish would be granted. If you ignore, you’ll die tomorrow.”
Initially I used to reply with Fuck off to the sender, but later on I just thought of ignoring.


“Whatsapp is now charging money, If you want free whatsapp, then please pass on this messages to 10 people and your whatsapp logo will turn red and it will be free for you for the lifetime.”

I had tried this when I was new on whatsapp, not because I cared for it to be free, but because I liked the idea of cool red logo instead of green. Later nor did the logo color changed and nor was I ever charged!


There are special health related messages too which I receive these days:
‘Do NOT eat Kurkure, as it contains plastic. If you don’t believe, burn it and see, it will burn with smoke and melt like plastic. Also don’t eat Mentos after drinking coke or Thumbs up, the carbon di oxide in this drink combines with the preservatives in Mentos and converts into cyanide, a deadly chemical which will kill you in few seconds. Kindly share and save your friends.’
Immediately next day, I drank thumps up and ate Mentos, trust me, I am still alive! By the way, Do they have any shortage of ingredients or herbs that they’ll also add up plastic to their recipe? We idiots are so scared, that we actually tend to believe in this rubbish. Apply some common sense, If Kurkure really has plastic in it, wouldn’t the government take any measures just like they took for Maggi? Every public food, whether it be Jams, Wafers, every eatable goes under testing by the authorized food departments, before entering the market for sale. And it’s also proven by many Food specialists that the smoke coming out of a burnt kurkure stick is because of the preservatives and starch, not the plastic!




‘Worker with AIDS from the company has contaminated’ Dumbass!! You mean, Frooti such a big company, hires workers to crush mangoes and flush its juice in the bottle? So you think they don’t use technology, machines to make the juice and put it in bottle? Standing ovation of my tallest finger to your intelligence.




I received this message long back, I called the number to confirm if it’s true. The receiver shouted at me saying, ‘Hazaar baar bola idhar call mat karo, samajhta nai hai kya!! Beep. Beep.’ And he hung up. I called him up again to return his beeps. You can try it too. And tell me one thing, if the guy is really blind, how the fuck did he manage to type this message?


Honey? So all the pharmaceutical companies are just wasting their money in finding cure for Ebola. This text composer must be Bsc. Failed scientist.


Even google, NASA and other organizations will say, ‘What the fuck?’ after reading these texts. Height of bullshit.


Special Modi government appreciating fake messages:-




No offence to Modi government but these messages are as fake as Anushka sharma’s duck-lips in PK.




There’s no such slogan made by Modi, and for your all kind information, Telegram is not an Indian company, it’s a German company. If you are such a patriotic person, you can use Hike.




This message is specially posted by guys in whatsapp groups, so that they can impress other girls by showing that they really care about women safety. By the way, this law has not been passed on by Modi government, it’s already been there from many years. You can google it to know.


That’s a futuristic technology I must say!


Free talktimes, and gift vouchers:




Some people are really so generous to share this free recharge messages.



And Amazon gift voucers? Amazon completed 10 years? Lol, its there for 20 years, not 10.
Its human tendency, we believe in what we read more easily then what we hear or see. So, whenever we receive such messages, we tend to believe them. But we are only being fooled by someone who has no other work to do than compose them. Ignore these texts, stop spreading fake information about health, knowledge or companies. It takes lot of efforts from employees, workers and everyone to build a trust for a brand, by forwarding it, we are only degrading a company’s goodwill. Definitely, forward the messages if you’ve experienced it by yourself, but don’t be a fool to forward it blindly without confirming the news and source of it. Save yourself, from being a Whatsapp fool. 😉
Hey, by the way, this below message is quite true.


Just kidding.



Pratik Jadhav

The Shitiness Rises!

Get Sponsored by Big Brands


Helloz Fellas!! I know you’re been missing me for long for not writing any article. ( I mean, I am assuming so.) I am humbly not sorry about it. Dudes, I’ve got a life too, I can’t keep writing all the time. And honestly accepting, I had a writer’s block since long. The sleepy cells in my brain were wondering about different topics I should write upon, and ultimately, the laziest of them all shouted- ‘fuck it man, just don’t write for some time’, I listened to that cell.

But the writer keeda in me never dies. Whether I am travelling or whether I am watching funny videos on YouTube or when I am in a hypnotised state of mind staring at my crush or whether I am scratching my arm after a mosquito bite at night, every bloody thing reminds me of writing! Though one thing is weird, in my class’ tests, when I am about to write, Some unusual activity in my brain stops me from writing the answers, that lazy cell shouts-‘Kuch padke aaya hota toh likh paata kamine.’

Well, writing reminds me of the movie Happy Ending. I saw it the other day for saif and illeana. Being a Saif Ali Khan fan, I can even watch Agent Vinod with astonishing enthusiasm. It’s a good movie, and I got quite related to the main character Yudi, because of the same writers block thing. It might not have boomed high at the box office, but it surely brings a smile at its climax. (I am talking about Happy Ending, not AgentVinod) (Clarifying for Alia Bhatt, in case she reads my article) So if you got nothing to do this weekend, except watching comedy nights with kapil and getting over the smelly shit of Ek Ghante ka Maha episodes of daily soaps, you can watch this movie. By the way don’t download it from Torrents, buy original DVDs. (Just Kidding!)

Wese, what an amazing was the last weekend, wasn’t it? The grand Finale of Bigg Boss 8, and what anamazingly amazing season it was,Thoroughly entertaining with four Namunas- Gautam, Upen, Ali,Rahul, and the rest of the crazy girls in the house! (All girls in the world are crazy.) (No offense.)

alia 1

By the way for Alia-

Namuna- A hindi word used by me in this article just to kill the lack of funny sounding words. (noun) (Verb) (Adjective) (Use it as whatever the hell you want to)

The season was quite predictable too, for even an infant person who might have come on earth hours back might have predicted Gautam to be the winner. He was such an exceptional personality, the song itself was a rage, ‘we love, we love Gauti!’


I just wish he doesn’t give half of the prize money to that baldy…that taklu…what’s his name? Starts with P…shit I forgot!

Anyways, another new angle to the show was UPMA, I loved watching Upen flirting with Karishma, it was no less than a movie scene. Farah khan, hosted the show quite well, to be honest, I think it was better than Salman.(To which I know many Salman khan fans among you may disagree insanely)

Insanity reminds me of the talk of the town, I mean the talk of the web – The AIB knockout Roast. Well, no matter in how bold letters they disclaimed that the language used in it is filthy, and only 18+ people should watch it, even a 15 year dude must have watched it. I watched it out of pure curiosity, It was good, not a complete laugh riot, but kinda funny. Some jokes on Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar were really funny. Even the roasting of Ashish shakya and Raghu Ram were cool. And to the people who haven’t watched it, ‘ It was just a show, where legs were pulled of Ranveer and Arjun in filthy language in a humorous way.’

I read a news headline saying, Head of the MNS party’s film wing, (don’t remember what his name was!) said that if karan Johar, Arjun and Ranveer singh don’t apologise for the knockout, their movies would be banned from release in India. And why? Because they used foul language in the show. But hey hello!!!!!! I’ve seen many politicians (Whose name I can’t say), (No it’s not voldemort.) give filthiest possible bad words in their bhaashans. Now how come these politicians aren’t banned yet?


This only shows how hypocrite our society is. It’s like an already fat girl telling other fat girls to be slim or a murderer educating other people about anger management techniques. Gross!! Seriously!

Speaking of hypocrisy- If Alia Bhatt by unknown circumstances, unknown algorithms and web shits, stumbles upon my blog-‘Hey, Hypocrisy isn’t related to Hippopotamus and Chris Gayle.Hypocrisy is a completely different term. Just clarifying, you’re welcome.’


These days when I come home tired after long hours of lectures or some other activities, I tune into music channels on TV with a cup of coffee to refresh myself, but then unfortunately Mallika sherawat’s upcoming movie’s songs starts playing, where she dances singing – ‘Mere ghaagre ke liye,ghamasaan machi hai.’ And then I feel like banging that cup of coffee on the screen! Seriously mallika? What’s so special about your ghagra? Ghamaasan machi hai? I just hope malllika is not under the impression that Obama visited India to discuss about her Ghagra. Who the fuck other than KRK cares about your ghagra or whatever!

Oh yeah! Yaad aaya, Its Puneet Issar I was talking about!!

By the way, Valentine’s day is the highlight of many people this month, and for Single people, it’s just another day to curse for being single or some single even celebrate it for the freedom they enjoy. A friend of mine had a recent break up. I can’t stop wondering how his valentine’s day is gonna end up this year. Ya, quite mean I am.


On a serious note, keep up the spirit for blogikpratik and thanks for all the visits by known and unknown readers, you all mean much more to me than numbers. I was thinking of changing the blog theme, should I? If you have any suggestions, mail me or write at pratik.jadhav1108@gmail.com. And even if you don’t have any suggestions, you can still pour your appreciations in the comments, I am greedy for it. In the meantime, wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day!! Even good wishes for the other chocolate, teddy,propose, etc days which come as a complimentary package with it!

Stay happy! Stay Cool!! Stay tuned!!! 😉


P.S – 1. Yes, the title of this article was inspired from The Dark Knight Rises. No similarities, just something is rising in both the cases.

2. P.S means Post Script, Alia Bhatt.


Pratik Jadhav