‘It’s my Girlfriend’s Wedding’ by Sahil Rajput Book Review.

The Title and cover of the book is extremely attractive and seems like it can be a good book to gift your bae if she likes reading romantic love stories. But is the content as good as the cover? Read on my review to find out!


Tall, rich and handsome, Vivan is the most sought-after bachelor. Recently returned from London, he is the one and only scion of Bakshi Group of Companies.
A perfect gentleman, an astute businessman, Vivan Bakshi has it all. But he is about to lose his girlfriend to someone else! Left with her wedding invitation, what will Vivan do?
From a silver spoon existence to roadside dhaba drudgery, Vivan undertakes it all as he sets off in search of his love, finding a lot more into the bargain.
A pacy romance, this tale is a revelation that True Love doesn’t come that easy. It demands hard work!
“So, a million dollars are more important than
our relationship, right?”

The LazyScoop Review:

It’s my Girlfriend’s Wedding is a completely Bollywood inspired love story with good potrayal of emotions, drama and some thrill moments here and there.

Vivan Bakshi is left with a wedding invitation of his girlfriend right when he’s into cracking an important business deal, what should he exactly do is the question. What follows then is what this book is all about. I liked Maya’s character and also how the author potrays her.

About the writing, The writer doesn’t over emphasise on incidents and situations and tries to keep the narration as crisp as possible. Now this may or may not work for some people, though I did enjoy it.

People who like to read stories with good pace would definitely enjoy reading this book. Also due to the filmy angle and dramatic climax, I think it makes a good script for a movie.

The characterization is good, language used is lucid.

Overall, it’s an above average read.

The LazyScoop Verdict:

It’s my Girlfriend’s wedding is an entertaining, fast, and sweet love story which can be enjoyed by people who like bollywood-ish romantic stories.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4/ 5 Stars

Story: 3/ 5 Stars

Characterization: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 3.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 3.5/ 5 Stars

You can buy this book by clicking on this link.

Happy Reading,

Pratik Jadhav


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