The Assh#les that we meet.

Above is good quote to ponder about life and it’s roads. Like Oliver Goldsmith has implied, there are going to be bad roads and accommodations in this journey called life. But I think it’s not just the bad roads, it’s the people we meet in this journey which decide how enjoyable our journey throughout is going to be. There would be good people(Chances are quite less) and then there are going to be assholes, who fuck with your mind every now and then. And the most crucial of the thing here is going to be – how you react to them.

I remember, when I was in school, there used to be a dude, who always tried to bully me. Although he was good in studies, I was among the favourites of the teacher. Maybe because I was very active in participating in competitions and academics. But he had a problem with me, maybe his competitive spirit was the reason. After listening to his nasty comments for a long time, I decided, enough! I broke two of his front teeth one day during a brawl. If you ask my school friends, there’ll too many such stories about me and my fights. Perhaps, that was the best reaction I could think of.

But overtime, my perception of reacting to things has changed manifold.

Years back, I used to stutter while speaking in English, maybe because I was overconscious about am I speaking it perfectly? Is the sentence I just said grammatically precise?

It so happened once 8-7 years ago that during Diwali, I had went to my native place in South Mumbai for celebrating Bhai Duj with my cousins. As per the crowd there, even small kids used to talk in English that even Shakespeare would’ve felt difficult to talk to. (That’s sounds hyperbole, but yeah, they did talk fluently.)

For a small town kid like me, it was very new and intimidating. It so happened that a beautiful girl, came up to me, and told me something, that did sound amazing, but I couldn’t reply back properly, like usual I stuttered and said- ‘Yes, Okay.’ She laughed off at me- ‘English nai aati kya?’ and went off. That sarcastic laugh and words literally ringed in my ears for a really long time, I was hurt.

That was the day, and today is the day, I’ve worshipped this language. I started reading, watching English movies, wrote a short story, reviewed books for authors and publishers, anchored functions in college and fuck it, I’ve created this blog and gained more than 16,000 views. (Thanks to you readers)( Does it sound like a show off? Well, I think itna chalta hai.) In this scenario, one thing is clear, had I replied with anger back to that girl, I don’t think I would’ve felt motivated enough to work on my speaking skills. That’s how I cracked a simple code of life – ‘If you want to grow, don’t reply to the mean comments you receive, unless it’s really required. Rather use it to ignite the fire inside you to improve the aspect you’ve received mean criticism for.’ If you reply back with anger, you somewhere subconsciously tell yourself- ‘It’s the other person’s fault, not yours.’ And thus all the doors of self improvement are closed.

Imagine if there’s no critisism, there would be no motivation to achieve something. If there would be no haters, there’ll be no one to be jealous of you when you become successful. So it’s important to have haters and critics in your life, or to put it simply- Assholes.

I am sure you all must’ve had people in your life who pissed you off, who made fun of you, who said something hateful. I want you to think of them, and take an oath today itself to work towards burning their assess with your achievements. No matter in what field, be so ambitious and successful, that you wouldn’t need to show off your winnings, rather people would start talking about it.

So to sum it up, take the pain, take the criticism, smile at it, and don’t show your plans and ambitions igniting inside you, just shock them with the result when they’re least expecting it.

PS: Ofcourse, the critism has to be constructive and not hateful, if it’s hateful, then perhaps breaking a teeth or two wouldn’t be a bad choice after all.

PPS: Just like you hate haters, rest of the people in this world too. So remember to be kind and encouraging, instead of an asshole.

PPPS: I repeated the word Asshole too many times, right? Well, that’s what this article is about, what were you expecting?

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with another article very soon.

Till then, keep reading and stay motivated.


Pratik Jadhav

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11 thoughts on “The Assh#les that we meet.

  1. Pratik. This was indeed a really relatable post for me and I was utterly surprised when I discovered that I had encountered similar sort of hardships during my schooling years. I was nagged, teased, and bullied for quite so long by an evil competitor of mine and he would do everything under the sun to inflict wounds on my mental psyche. Each and every word that you wrote here felt like someone has just pushed open an ugly and vicious chapter of my life that very few have an inkling of, that I never really want to talk about. This piece connected with me on a deeper level. Really thought provoking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi sheetal, Wow, thank you so much. So glad you could connect to it. πŸ™‚ And, Thanks for sharing your experience, I am sure wherever your evil competitor from school would be, will be super jealous looking at your writings.


  2. Hey,
    This is a very motivating and thoughtful article.
    As you said about hateful and constructive criticism.
    So these are the things I need to learn. As I get confuse in dealing with such things and probably I ended up leaving the things as it is without reacting anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Pratik,

    I can truly relate this article with me, the SoBo crowd you said. As if I was reading my story difference is that you’ve penned it out. πŸ‘
    I faced many #assholes in my life but I just blew them off in my own style.
    Keep writing Pratik, waiting for more stories up…


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