Inflection by Nilesh Srivastava and Pushp Deep Gupta.

Real careers are not perfect.
Professional success is not absolute. People shape careers and then over time, careers shape people.
Feb 1999. The batch of 1999 steps out from one of India’s leading business schools—Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata—into the real world of careers, not unlike many other professionals before and after. Eighteen years later—in the middle of their working lives—32 of these professionals pause and take stock. They look back on their careers, on the choices they made, their successes and their failures, their highs and their lows. They reflect on what they assumed when they graduated from B-school and what the world has taught them since. There are Real Lessons in Their Reflections; There are Common Themes in Their Career YouArcs. This is the story of real careers taking shape in the rapidly evolving post-liberalisation India of the last two decades. Of conventional careers and not-so-conventional careers and something in between. Of people who took the corporate path, who became entrepreneurs, who became academics, who went abroad, who became specialists and even those who let their careers go with the flow, unplanned. Step in as they take stock of their journeys. As relevant for mid-career professionals, to peek over their shoulders at peers, as for those starting their professional careers, curious about the careers choices ahead and the road signs on the way.

The LazyScoop Review:

The cover and the blurb of the book are quite interesting and definitely offer exactly what it describes in the synopsis.

The Inflection is a like treasure box of the corporate and career scoop. It shares some brilliant insights, from different professionals from the batch of 1999, IIM Kolkata. It teaches what are the assumptions usually in the minds of the poeple before entering into corporate world, and how it actually turns out to be in reality. The book has stories of those professionals, it shares the mistakes, the outcomes and their struggles and explains what the reader can learn from these journeys.

The writing is crisp and very informative, there was a slight professional aspect to the narration, which actually helps in understanding the depth of the experiences of each batchmate. I definitely enjoyed reading it, and it was a good learning read. I also liked how every chapter began with a relevant quote giving an insight about what the content is going to be about.

Some chapters did appear to be quite dry, without being interesting. But it was compensated by some really knowledgeable chapters, overall it definitely had me hooked on to it till the end.

The LazyScoop Verdict:

Inflection: Career Arcs from evolving India is an interesting read with lot of real and insightful stories. If you’re on a verge of starting your career or even amidst it, this book is definitely for you.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Knowledge: 4/ 5 Stars

Language: 4/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4/ 5 Stars

You can buy this book by clicking on this link.

Happy Reading,

Pratik Jadhav


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