The Borderline by Shabri Prasad Singh Book Review.

The cover of the book is appealing. And the synopsis is definitely intriguing. When I first read the blurb, I thought it to be an interesting thriller, read below to know what I think about it after completely reading it!

With this true life narrative turned fictional, delve into the life and thoughts of Amrita Srivastava.
Harbouring an almost devotional love for her father and unable to cope with the legal separation of her parents, this is the account of how she is subsequently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and the powerful story of how she eventually overcomes her demons.
Having shifted from Chandigarh to New York to study, Amrita has just about begun to adjust to the new city when her life is thrown into disarray by the death of her father. Acting as a trigger, this event leads to a series of abusive relationships. Forced by a breakdown to leave her studies in New York, she tries to make a new life for herself in Delhi. Unsettled by the continuous changes, Amrita descends into a hard partying lifestyle fuelled by alcohol and drugs. Written as part of her healing process, this is a searing confession about the challenges she faces before finally reaching to the process of rehab and therapy.
Calibrating itself to the turning of the mind’s endlessly churning machinery, this novel gives one the rare opportunity to see it at work. Life affirming and inspiring, this is at the same time a journey that navigates through the loneliness, heartbreak and intensity of Amrita’s approach to life.
Intimate, forceful and raw, Borderline is the catharsis we all need.

The LazyScoop Review:

Borderline by Shabri Prasad Singh is a psychological thriller which not only entertains but is also quite different from the usual thrillers I’ve read. The book basically explores the journey of Amrita Srivastava who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. At first I had no clue what this disorder is all about, so I was very much interested in reading the story.

Amrita’s childhood, her bonding with her father is described well. It was disheartening to read how her life changes after her father’s death. How she becomes a drug addict and an alcoholic.

What I liked about the whole plot is that even though there are many sad elements in this book, when you finish reading it you feel motivated. I enjoyed reading about how she overcomes the struggles and ends up being a better version of herself.

The pace of the story is decent, at times some chapters were quite slow in narration but overall, it kept me glued to it. The language used is simple and the emotional content is written really well.

Overall, Borderline by Shabri Singh would motivate you, make you feel sad and yet encourage to not give up on struggles of your life.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Plot: 4/ 5 Stars

Characters: 3.5/ 5 Stars.

Entertainment: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Language: 3.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can buy the book by clicking on this link.


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