White Noise by Shruti Upadhaya Book Review


“There is another city right under our city and it comes up only when you and I are together. Only you and I know about it and only you and I get to experience it. It keeps itself hidden from the rest of the world. And that is where I live.” He said “And what happens when you’re not with me?” She asked. “I evaporate.” He smiled

The LazyScoop Review:

The main protagonist, who has had a terrible past falls in love with a brooding man, whom she refers to as bearded one. After some lovely conversation and beautiful moments between them, she finds herself getting intensely attracted towards him. But he has something mysterious around his persona. And why does he keeps vanishing somewhere all of a sudden? What’s this special man hiding? Will she able to come out of this emotional flood? Does he love her?

There are some books which do not simply tell the story, they compel you to ponder upon life, love and human emotions. This is one such book. It makes you contemplate about the characters and actually enter their minds. White Noise is absolutely gripping, not because it has a great plot, infact I can sum up the entire plot in a sentence. But the book grips you because it has great narration. The language used is beautiful, rich and classy!

Author Shruti Upadhaya writes the story in first person and you get connected to the characters easily. The story unfolds in three Parts: Me, Her and Him, Narrating perspectives of all the three characters around whom the story revolves. Also, names of no protagonists have been mentioned.

I absolutely loved the short chapters in this book, it subconsciously made me think that I am finishing off the book really soon. And I didn’t want it to come to an end soon, I wanted to flow with the mesmerising narration!

The tone of the writing is slightly Dark, drenched in mystery. I also liked how the author gave some wonderful life lessons through dialogues and thoughts. e.g :

When other people hurt us we will always bounce back, but if we begin to defy our own selves, that’s when we should start to worry because there is no bouncing back from that.

The climax of the book is somewhat shocking, and not what you expect.

LazyScoop Verdict:

White Noise by Shruti Upadhaya not only entertains but also grips you into the narration and makes you ponder about various things in life and love, offers shocking climax along with an overall enjoyable reading experience.


Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Plot: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Characterization: 4/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

White Noise by Author Shruti Upadhaya absolutely recommended by TheLazyScoop!

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