Harappa: Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai Book Review.

After hearing some great reviews about the book, I was super excited to finally read it. The blurb was interesting and cover very attractive, but did it stand up to my expectations? Read on to find out!


2017, Delhi – Vidyut’s dying ancestor summons him to Banaras. The old Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth, or the God-Demon Clan, bears a chilling secret. Their bloodline carries an ancient curse that will plague mankind – towards its own violent extinction.

1700 BCE, Harappa – Harappa is a magnificent city on the banks of the mighty Saraswati river. The darkness of treachery, taantric exorcism and bloodshed unleashes itself on the last devta, paving the way for his devastating revenge…and the horrifying truth behind the fall of the glorious civilisation.

2017, Paris – The world’s most powerful religious institution is rattled. Europe’s dreaded crime lord meets a mysterious man in Paris. A lethal assassin boards a train, as Rome fears the worst. The prophesied devta has returned.

What connects Banaras, Harappa and Rome? What was the ancient curse and who was the last devta? What is the terrible secret behind the fall of the colossal Indus Valley? Read on as you travel through a saga of deceit and violence, gods and demons, love and ambition.

The LazyScoop Book Review:

The book begins with an introduction of various plots and characters and gives you bird’s eye view, which really helps you later to not get confused in the plot. The story begins at the death of the mighty Vivasvan Pujari! Vidyut Shastri, a young and successful entrepreneur gets summoned by his 108 year old grandfather- Dwarka Shastri. Europe’s most dangerous crime Lord gets a hand written note to kill an Aryan Boy. A dark force is being used against The last Devta- Vivasvan Pujari. What follows next is intensely gripping, adventurous, mesmerising journey of Betrayal, revelation of burried secrets, and violence!

The narration of the book is intensely captivating, each page offers adventure, suspense and thrills! The narration also has a mythological tone to it. There are two timelines- one of 2017, Banaras and one of 1700 BCE, Harappa, both of which are extremely entertaining. They are intertwined brilliantly. When one chapter ends with suspense, the other one reveals the suspense of another timeline!

The writer Vineet Bajpai, doesn’t waste time in describing unimportant things, it feels like he’s very focused in telling you about the characters and the story. There’s not even a single chapter which feels boring.

I observed that each chapter ends on a cliffhanger, it just makes you wonder-what’s going to happen next?

Though, its a fiction. It teaches a lot about Harappa and Hindu Dharma. The conversation between Damini and Purohit Ji I felt was enlightening.

Characterization is also perfect in this book, Vidyut, Vivasvan Pujari, Damini, Sanjana, etc are all strong characters. I was impressed how the author has potrayed the female characters strong and intelligent, especially Naina.

If we talk about the action scenes, it is also commendable how the author manages to write it. As writing an action scene is very difficult, as there’s a chance that it could get boring and repetitive. But Vineet Bajpai increases the intensity by describing the kallaripayutu abilities, braveness of Vidyut, Balwanta, etc that you look forward to their meeting with the villains.

Also, Manu and Ranga’s battle sequence is described amazingly! You feel as if you are watching them fight.

The climax of the book leaves you hungry, wanting to know more. It raises too many questions in your mind, which would get answered in the upcoming Book in this series- ‘Pralay- The Great Deluge.’

LazyScoop Verdict:

This is perhaps the only book this year, which made me hold my breath and read as if the story in the book is more real than my life. Harappa: Curse of the blood River is intensely gripping and deserves to be the Best Seller which it already is!


Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Plot: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Characterization: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4.5/ 5 Stars

TheLazyScoop Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

Harappa: Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai absolutely recommended by TheLazyScoop!

You can buy this book by clicking on this link!


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