Why is having an opinion of your own so important? Read this article by my friend Pooja Patani in which she will convince you in her own words, the importance of having your own unique perception.

Perception, it differs from person to person and that’s the beauty of it ! This piece is all about my perception that how forming your own opinions does make you a better version of your own-self , as we all know no one comes with a map to come out of the hurricane. To begin with I think everyone should have a self approach,
Because what will you prefer : Do you want to see yourself as people see you, or You want them to see you as you see yourself. Perception is all about what you think, it’s all about what is going on in your mind. Perception is nothing about show-off because if you feel good about yourself and none of other people around you is aware of this fact, will that make you feel less good about yourself? No. right? That’s why it’s as same as beauty, you need to admire that person who has sorted out all. And that’s why perception helps you to look at bigger picture. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, you are not going to be good for others. And your perception is the only thing that will even continue beyond your existence! And our God’s are the best example of perception. We haven’t seen them still we believe in their way of looking at things and follow their perception about what is good or bad. That’s why religion is all about the ideology and perception. This world works on perceptions.

So how do you form one? I don’t have a perfect answer for it but then I found that through reading books , observing more than what normal people do and mostly by patiently listening to others. This helps and only you could feel the difference because the goal is to feel good rather than to show it. So you can read as many books as you can and if you are still in your twenties it’s the best time for you. Read books, form a passion and do something worthy out of it and experience the change in yourself because it won’t help anyone else unless and until you experience the change.

“Having a series of thoughts and forming opinions out of it and being able to express them to others, is what I think we should all strive for. Because if you can listen and empathize and be able to understand others then chances are no one that matters to you will think you’re a jerk.”

And I do feel that this has nothing to do with you being introvert or extrovert, according to me this is just all overrated statements because if that would have been so important you would have seen people put them into their C.V’s or would have just added them to their business cards but none of people do that because those words have no power, they are not important in a bigger image. So form a perception about others or about things that are important to you by going beyond these powerless limits. Have a sense of empathy towards others or else judge them and be prepared to be judged. We should really feel lucky enough to see so many people out there who had their own perception, had their own beliefs and they tried their best to make prove their point but then not enough people are motivated by them and I cannot blame them either because they are explaining it to a wrong generation.

According to me we live in such a LAZY Generation I feel bad for the coming ones because they won’t see their ideals here because sorry we are already ‘busy and tired.’ We are tired of doing nothing. So it’s wrong to expect any sort of perception or science or opinions on reality from us because first of all we were not taught about it and second thing is this laziness is being pushed by us as a luxury. And sorry folks if my disapproval for this type of behavior made you little uncomfortable but still not sorry as I am sure no one is upto for any change in there. I am seriously glad that Thomas Edison was not brought up into such a generation otherwise he would have considered his invention just as some science project and if people would ask him about it, he would answer ” Naah ! I haven’t started it Bro !” And that would mean this generation in literal sense would have grown in darkness. Sighs !

And that’s why forming a opinion of our own, having a perception of our own self is very important. This brings a sense of confidence into you. It helps you to know yourself better. And that’s why reading helps, it helps you in forming your own imagination and when you have one, your outlook towards everything changes and that’s how I never get it why people say stuff like ‘I am alone’ or ‘I am lonely’ because if you had your own set of interesting thoughts you would never bring yourself in that position to think that bad about your ownself and that does mean you need a better set of perception for your own betterment. As we no longer live in a generation where our parents and grandparents have grown up because they knew how to talk to people because we don’t do that we just judge people on number of likes they get or the way they dress or the way they talk and the list goes on. We never let ourselves go beyond it and that’s exactly where we lack in basics of forming perception about our ownselves and things that should really matter to us.

We just confuse ourselves with matters that don’t matter and if you still continue doing, it would still not matter. That’s the fact.
And that’s where values and principles plays a important role. Our parents and family try to inculcate good values and principles into us since a young age and that’s how it helps in building our character. Some parents even try to force out the future of kids out of their predictions. But this often happens that while focusing too much on creating a better future they overlook the necessity of this set of values and thats how a firm perception is not formed at early stage and it takes years to form one and make a choice and build a foundation base out of it.
That’s why all this is matter of choice!
If you focus more on what you want rather that what you will get then you are surely going to succeed! That’s how the law of attraction works “you do good deeds, you attract good returns !”

And by end of this , you know the reason why you aren’t playing blue whale game then believe me you already have a good perception. 😉 And that’s how I believe that if you don’t have a plan but you are still ready to pull off your limits to go up there and enjoy the view, then you are already a step closer to what you desire for because we all know that
“sky is not the limit anymore”.
I hope you are having a good perceptive day 🙂

Thank you,

Pooja Patani.

Pooja Patani is an LLB and she is about to give her CA final attempt too and apart from these she loves sketching and painting. She simply loves reading and also writing. This is her first non fiction writing piece for public reading.

You can connect with Pooja by clicking on this link.


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