The Quest of the Sparrows Book Review.

The cover of the book gave me impressions that the book is going to be funny, as the cover shows a man’s body with the sparrow instead of his face. Was this book as interesting as it’s cover? Let’s find out!

Authors– Kartik Sharma, Ravi Sharma

Publishers– Rupa

Length– 274 Pages.

Price– 120/-


A seemingly ordinary young man forced to become a guru takes a leap of faith and sets off with his followers on a taxing journey that changes their mindsets and lives forever. Inspired by the carefree life of a sparrow, reluctant guru Partibhan takes off on a 600 kilometre expedition on foot to test his theory of practical spirituality. He believes that human beings can become powerful creators, but the desire to secure the future makes them mere survivors. However, survival isn’t the only goal of life. A much bigger role, a higher calling awaits us. Will Guru Partibhan and his disciples complete the journey? Will they discover their true potential and find everlasting joy? Looks at the importance of spirituality in today’s fast paced world. A must read for all those feeling burnt out and wondering about the ‘higher purpose’ of their lives. The story of a young man who finds his calling in life, written in a relatable manner.

The LazyScoop Review:

The Quest of the Sparrows is a wonderful story with beautiful message. It strikes an emotional chord with the readers. The narration is beautiful and easy to understand with good pace. Nikhil, who lives in London and is troubled with family Problems comes to India in search of Spiritual peace. Sanjeev, A detective is assigned a mission to investigate if the acclaimed Guru- Parthibhan is really a spiritual master or a fraud! The story raises many questions in the mind of the readers through the characters Nikhil and Sanjeev and rightfully answers them too through the character of Spiritual Guru Parthibhan. The main attraction of the story is the Journey of Guru Parthibhan and how it gives him as well as us readers various spiritual teachings. The book is a perfect mix of Spirituality and superb writing. I was glad to know that it was a self help book blended in a beautiful story. It had similar tone of genre as Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. It was interesting to read how perception of Nikhil and Sanjeev towards Spirituality gradually changes. The title justifies the book, as just like a sparrow, who is free spirited, Guru Parthibhan begins his Journey of 600 KM on foot! The theme is something new to read and gives perfect insight to the readers about positivity and purpose of our existence.

The LazyScoop Verdict:

Overall, Kartik and Ravi have done a phenomenal job. The book offers a blissful reading experience and a lot to learn. The characters are interesting and plot is unique. You would feel spiritualy enlightened after reading this gem of a book.


Cover: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Plot: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/ 5 Stars

Characterization: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Quest of the Sparrows absolutely recommended by The LazyScoop!

You can buy this book by clicking on this link.

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