Top 22 Hollywood posters when dubbed to Bhojpuri!

We all know about the Make In India movement started by Modi, which is really great. However, This movement doesn’t include movies, fortunately! But imagine, if it included Entertainment and movies too, and India would’ve tried to replace every Hollywood movie or persona with it’s own Desi Version? e.g Kim kardashian with Rakhi Sawant? The Rock with Salman Khan? Man of steel with Krrish? Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Though, the entire movie is being dupped in hindi or telugu destroying the original meaning of the dialogues, We’ve all witnessed this and laughed our guts out when one of the heroes in Avengers- Age of ultron shouts a dialogue in Bhojpuri in the hindi version of the movie.

What if they make it complulsory for all the Hollywood movies to be dupped in each regional language in India? Marathi, Gujarathi, Haryanvi, Parsi, Bhojpuri!!

How would the posters be if the movies were to be released in U.P, well, check out the following posters of some popular Movies and T.V series and how their titles would read when translated in Bhojpuri:-



1. The Avatar- I hope James Cameron doesn’t faint looking at this!





2. Silence of The Lambs: Silence Please!




3. The Scream: You feel like screaming, don’t you?




4. Catch me if you can: Lol. 😛




5. Harry Met Sally: And they divorced later!




6. The Big Bang Theory: Penny the new Padosan! 😛



7. Sex and the city: City from U.P, perhaps Bihar…10419460_626982357385379_4674751482006463195_n



8. The Hangover: Hanged till death!




9. The Man of Steel: Stainless steel.10484031_626547394095542_6701670808394734475_n



10. How I met Your mother: Wonder what Barney would be called. 😛10485296_640730019343946_7717467077682603708_n



11. The Walking Dead: When Jombie-wa roamed the Earth.10488356_640730146010600_5858583762352475986_n (1)



12. Kill Bill: 10491999_626547354095546_5404070607390207040_n


13. The Whispers: Pssst…Psssst!10524588_640729982677283_9012589801599827617_n



14. Taken: Liam Neeson le lega tu likh ke le le! 😛10492545_626982364052045_3346906411132513562_n



15. The Hunger Games: Special dedication to Anna Hazare’s Anshan.12339391_886957458054533_4810112911567746740_o



16. The San Andreas: So many casualties watching this poster!




17. Mad Max- Fury Road: Pagla hai wah!




18. John Wick: Wicks ki goli lo, khich khich door karo!12370834_886957304721215_1558341006653677775_o



19. The Pursuit of happiness: Beel Smithwa rocks!




20. The Boyhood: Bachpan ke din.





21. Cast Away: 10367143_626982317385383_1284126372312426771_n



22. The Inception: At least in India he’ll get all the awards!




  1. No intention to hurt any Bhojpuri people, but yeah, your language is funny. 😛
  2. No offence.



For more funny posters like Minimal Bollywood Posters Page Here. Have Fun!



Pratik Jadhav-wa!


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