Ramayana- The Game Of Life: Stolen Hope Book-3 Review





Thank you so much BlogAdda for this amazing opportunity to review the book. I had read the previous book in this series-The shattered dreams and was waiting for this book since long.When I received it, I was very surprised to see the book not only been autographed but also had an overwhelming message on it from the author wishing the new year. Shows how humble he is.






Ramayana,  The most loved and celebrated epic ever, being retold by someone raises eyebrows wondering how the narration would be, especially when you already know the story. Then what new this book might offer? Or will it be the same old story retold in lucid language?

The answers to all these queries will be given as you read my review further:


The story revolves where the prequel of this book ended, The Sun Prince, Rama has made his way to the exile with his beloved wife Sita and brother Laxmana. On their way, they come to Dandakaranya, A forest which was once a very beautiful kingdom, however now has turned a nightmare for the sages living in it. Rama on his journey meets the grieving sages and gets to know about the demons which have made their lives miserable. He takes an oath to destroy every demon from the face of this earth! Will Rama be successful in fulfilling his oath? Time will tell.



What I liked-

  1. The narrative style of author. This book is at Par with other adventure mythology books like The Immortals of Meluha or any Amish Tripathi book for that matter. Author Shubha Vilas, not only sketches the characters well, but makes us connect with each character and go deep in the epic. The adventures of Sage Agastya is described so well, you can’t stop yourself from reading till the end. Before reading this book, I didn’t even knew that such sage existed in Ramayana and has such great influence on this Epic. The Story of Indra, Ganesha, Ikhvahu and Vattapi, every character is a treat to read about.


  1. The story, it goes deep, I mean you really feel like you are living the story because storyline is not just limited to the things we know about Ramayana, Infact it’s when you read the book you realise how less you knew about this epic. I would say this book is more zoomed version of the epic.


  1. The Footnotes- The footnotes are the cherries on the cake. I felt wiser reading every page because the hidden message behind every small instance in Ramayana is described in the footnotes. This interpretation behind every instance will surprise you, as they connect with the present times so precisely.


  1. The Language- The language used is lucid. There’s no need to sit with a dictionary.


  1. Action- Every time Rama slays a Demon, you can feel the adrenaline rush, thanks to Shubha vilas’ infallible writing.


  1. The Pace- The pace of the story is fast, though the story takes you in depth there’s not a single moment of dullness. It’s gripping and you feel like watching a Hollywood mythological movie, e.g Wrath of the Titans, Clash of the titans, etc.


What I didn’t liked-

Ummm…Perhaps there’s nothing to dislike about this book. But I felt the cover page of the book should not have been the animated picture, Rather real poster of built up Ram and Sita would’ve added to the appeal. After all, people do judge the book by it’s cover, even though that’s wrong.


Some of my favourite footnotes are:


Page 120 – “Non-Fulfilment of our desires is not always someone else’s fault, When you blame someone for someone that isn’t his fault, it is called revenge, not justice. Justice grows from the seed of kindness and compassion, whereas revenge grows from the seed of anger and pride.”

Page 204 – “Attachment to a human that blinder is to a horse. Both blind you from seeing any other reality.”

Page 205 – “Just as a chicken loses it’s feathers when under stress, humans lose their feathers of reasoning when in panic.”

Page 307 – “Just as only extraordinary species are caged in a zoo for people to view in wonder, the mind only captures the memories of special souls to recollect in wonder.”

And many more!!



Synopsis on the back cover.


LazyScoop Verdict:

This book is a gem to treasure with you always. It’s enriched with morals and values which can help any individual understand life and its codes perfectly. The Story is engaging, the narrative is superb. Action and adventure drips on every page. A treat to read!

LazyScoop Rating- 4.5/5 Stars.


Also I would like to thank the Author Shubha Vilas for sending me a book personally for reviewing with my name and a message, really humbled. Looking forward to The Book 4 in this series! Till then, this book absolutely recommended by Pratik Jadhav!

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2 thoughts on “Ramayana- The Game Of Life: Stolen Hope Book-3 Review

  1. Woah… Thanks Pratik…
    A person like me, who has not read that book …could get a gist out of the book in a brief manner.
    Nicely written with pros and cons of the book which u felt so…
    Good efforts.
    I would surely re read it in future to critically comment with a different sense of understanding.
    Well done bud…


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