Finally I am done with my exams and sigh! What a relief it is. Feels like I’ve got my wings back. Thus I decided to watch the most awaited movie Bajirao Mastani on the same day my exam ended. And after watching the movie, I truly feel, the movie was seriously worth the wait. What an epic story. Splendid sets, that Shanivaar waada so accurately shown as new and appealing. All the performances? S-U-P-E-R-B! Priyanka chopra, what range of acting skills she has, a cool intriguing FBI agent in Quantico to innocent and bubbly Kashibai. She honestly took over deepika in the movie, everytime she was onscreen, I smiled. Ranveer singh, that marathi ascent in all the dialogues was spectacular. ‘Baajirauu ne maestaani se mahouubbat ki haae, ayyashi naai…’ Fan of this. Being a marathi, this ascent is easy for me to catch.




I’ ll give it 4.5/ 5 stars ! No I don’t consider myself a critic. But who cares, I spend on ticket, I’ ll rate. Everyone can!




Bajirao Peshwa’s painting.




Mastani’s painting. 



By the way, this movie really made me curious about the asli Bajirao Peshwa, the undefeated warrior! He didn’t lose ANY war ever, I mean that’s so cool. He wanted maratha’s to take all over Hindustan. Just imagine, if he hadn’t been in the trauma of Fever and heartstroke, he would have simply SLAYED Moghuls and history would’ve completely changed. The influence of the maratha victory by him would’ve influenced our present in so many ways! India’s official language would’ve been marathi. We all would’ve posted our posts and read the timelines on facebook in marathi. Shahrukh khan’s movie name would’ve been- ‘Hridhay waale navri la gheun zaanar’ , ‘Navin warcshache subhechaa’ Salman’s movie’s would’ve been called- ‘Prem ratan dhan bhetla’ His dialogues would’ve been- ‘ Mi tumchyat yevdhe hol karin, ke tumhi chakit houn vichar karal, shwaas kuthun gheu aani…’




Anyways, So this curiosity about Bajirao made me do some research about him and I found some amazing facts you all can read below.


  1. instabox_201611202133278.jpg
  2. instabox_20161314024416
  3. instabox_20161120132911.jpg
  4. instabox_20161120101888
  5. instabox_201611202438776.jpg
  6. instabox_201611201123211.jpg




Interesting, isn’t it? So the ‘Pinga’ song in the movie is just for an entertainment factor, as kashibai with that arthritis-like knee disease, couldn’t have managed to dance. Also the Royal wives back in that century, didn’t dance in public to maintain a royal enigma. Nevermind! As far as Bajirao’s story has been depicted in breath-taking screenplay and historical authenticity, I enjoyed it, what about you?



Pratik Jadhav


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