The Joy Of Reading.


It’s the joy of many. Reading not only takes you to other world but also increases your focusing power. Recently, I even read an article about one psychiatrist performing an experiment about the influence of reading on the brain. The results were astonishing. He analyzed the brains of people who read and who don’t. He found that the person who reads more has more activity in some parts of the brain which a non- reader doesn’t have. Being an avid reader, I was happy to know this.

I don’t know how many of you have seen this TV commercial for Kindle, but when I first saw it, I was really thrilled. The expressions of the actor, how engrossed he gets into his world of reading, facial expressions changing with the words. That’s real reading. Watch this ad, to really understand what I mean. According to me, its one of the most beautifully and creatively made ad ever! I could easily relate to it because that’s how engrossed I become while reading.

I remember the first book which I read was Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, which developed reading interests in me. Then I started reading self-help books like How to win friends and Influence people, The Secret, The power, You can win by shiv khera etc. The first romance fiction I read was ‘2 States’ by Chetan Bhagat, which made me love this genre and thus I started enjoying all love stories. What I am trying to say is, once you develop a liking towards reading, you get succumbed into it. For good obviously. I know many people who avoid reading and give many excuses why they don’t read, the most common excuse is- Time. They have a shortage of time. And another common problem many people face is, once they start reading the book enthusiastically, they feel bored after reading few pages. Thus they ignore reading the next day, and after a while they tend to forget what they had read. I’ ll talk about the solution to this problem later. First, let me give you this time some excuses for reading.

What exactly happens when you read? Why is it so important? Well read on, you’ll know.
Following are some mind-blowing facts about reading which you might not know. And once you know them, you’ll be filled with a deep desire to start reading.

1. Reading triggers happy emotions:

According to a psychological experiment, it was found that reading stimulates happy and positive feelings in us. Whereas, Listening music for a prolonged period gradually results into signs of depression. Yes, you read it right.

2. Reading boosts your memory:

Reading makes the brain create new spaces to store information. These spaces increase with your reading, thus enabling you to store more and more information.

3. Reading develops your vocabulary:

This fact is world known fact I agree, but this is what actually happens- Reading increases your articulation and makes it more eloquent. This will enable you to do more persuasive conversations. Thus increasing your social prestige.

4. Fiction Books increases your empathetic abilities with others:

Fiction reading leads to more understanding of human emotions. This makes you understand other’s emotions and reactions more precisely.

5. Reading makes you Knowledgeable:

Anne E. Cunningham, An education professor wrote a research paper about her study and what she discovered with an experiment. According to her research, Reading does make you smarter day by day, as it helps you learn many new things daily. These small doses of information actually make your brain sharper and you never know when would the information you read might turn useful.

6. Reading increases your focus:

You read one sentence and then visualize it with all your imaginative powers to understand what the author really wants to say. Isn’t it one of the best mind exercises to increase your focusing power?

7. Reading leads to stronger analytical and thinking skills:

Reading helps to develop your analytic abilities. For e.g many book and movie critics give their ratings by observing all the aspects of the story such as pace, characterization, thrills, plot, etc all these observation skills comes from more and more reading!

8. Great writing abilities:

For cooking, you first need to understand the recipes. For drawing, you first need to learn the strokes. For having a great physic, you first need to learn exercises. Similarly, how can you write well if you don’t learn to read first? Many of the great writers like Canon Doyle, Ravinder Singh, Ravi Subramanian, etc are wonderful readers first. Perhaps, that’s what has helped them become best selling writers.

9. Self Help:

Be it depression, low communication skills, low confidence, or whatever problems you have, everything can be solved by reading self-help books. You can learn to communicate, learn to sell, learn whatever you want with books. Few of the best spiritual books are The Secret, You can Win by Shiv Khera. In case you are facing public speaking problems, you can read How to Win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, How to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime by Lary King. These would surely change your perception of public speaking.

10. Entertainment:

Books come with entertaining stories, personal experiences and funny anecdotes too. Moreover, All the merits from the above points with big dose of entertainment. What more can one ask for?

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Yeah, I know some of these facts you are already aware of. But the point still remains, Reading is so important!! And trust me reading is very blissful. I always cherish the moment when I finish reading a big fat novel. It’s a different feeling, you feel wiser and very positive. Not necessarily a novel. It can even be an article, a magazine, a newspaper. The longer the reading, the better is the feeling. Do you want to experience it right now? Well, for all the non-readers who took the initiative to read this article, congrats!! Because you just finished reading an article about reading. That’s a good forward step, right? So how are you feeling?

Pratik Jadhav

P.S- Kindle hasn’t given me any money for their promotions. They should, hai na? 🙂

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Wish you all a very happy Diwali. May the lights fill our lives with bright and shining happiness. Enjoy!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Joy Of Reading.

  1. Thank you Pratik for letting me know the importance of reading. As I also read books and articles 📚 but you literally jotted the actual meaning of reading. ☺


  2. Hieee….reading your article reminds me dat i have too read the book given by you.:-P
    I will read it n return it to you soon.;-)
    About your article Joy Of Reading is Awesome as always
    Thumbs Up pratik !
    waiting for the next one .. 🙂


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