WhatsApp Fools.



It was 2009 when I passed my SSC, few weeks later I got a cool new feature phone. It was obviously not android. (Because it wasn’t launched in India by then, duh!) But it had all the features of a high end device like Bluetooth, camera, etc. But the only fascinating one was SMS- Not a whole new feature I know. But it was amazing. I used it to chat all day long with my friends, even crushes. (Plural? Hmm.) Jokes, Shayris, Quotes, simple morning to good night wishes. I remember recharging with a special sms pack which allowed to send 100 free SMS’s per day, and trust me, even that felt few at that time. I maintained a dairy to write all the SMS’s which I think are worth treasuring. I was stupid enough to not know that one day SMS is gonna die.

The best thing about the SMSing was the suspense! (Suspense?) Ya! Coz there wasn’t any last seen, or seen ticks. There was this curiosity as to whether the recipient (Crush/ Girlfriend, whoever it was!) has really read our texts or not? And if yes, “why is she not replying? Has she read my texts? I got the delivery report though! I shouldn’t have sent her that compliment about how beautiful she was looking today, she must be thinking I am trying to flirt with her or something, shits!!” These were some of the common thoughts every sms using teenager went through. And after few minutes of glancing at the phone screen, nail biting, praying etc. when all of a sudden our phone beeped with a new message, it made our heart have that one loud beat of excitement and happiness!!

But achanak, one day, android was launched and it became a household name, easy and snappy interface, speed computing and unlimited apps to download made it a must have feature in a smartphone. And thus after a year or so, whatsapp came into this world, the option of sending music, videos, pictures and texts all for free without having any MMS mess was awesome! Now we use it so regularly that this feature seems normal, But initially the idea was superb and impressive!!But, Whatsapp even brought many problems with it, such as the root cause of many breakups i.e Last Seen at _ and even if you hide it, people suspect your loyalty wondering why we had the need to hide our last seen. Thus gradually, SMS was sent in a state of comma, where people now use it only to receive the network offers. Now a person can live without drinking water for a day, but not without whatsapp.



And now with whatsapp comes some funny yet irritating text messages. I am sure even you all might’ve received some of them. Read below!!


“Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram.” This message is sent directly from Shirdi, please don’t break the chain, Forward it to 10 contacts and within next 10 minutes your wish would be granted. If you ignore, you’ll die tomorrow.”
Initially I used to reply with Fuck off to the sender, but later on I just thought of ignoring.


“Whatsapp is now charging money, If you want free whatsapp, then please pass on this messages to 10 people and your whatsapp logo will turn red and it will be free for you for the lifetime.”

I had tried this when I was new on whatsapp, not because I cared for it to be free, but because I liked the idea of cool red logo instead of green. Later nor did the logo color changed and nor was I ever charged!


There are special health related messages too which I receive these days:
‘Do NOT eat Kurkure, as it contains plastic. If you don’t believe, burn it and see, it will burn with smoke and melt like plastic. Also don’t eat Mentos after drinking coke or Thumbs up, the carbon di oxide in this drink combines with the preservatives in Mentos and converts into cyanide, a deadly chemical which will kill you in few seconds. Kindly share and save your friends.’
Immediately next day, I drank thumps up and ate Mentos, trust me, I am still alive! By the way, Do they have any shortage of ingredients or herbs that they’ll also add up plastic to their recipe? We idiots are so scared, that we actually tend to believe in this rubbish. Apply some common sense, If Kurkure really has plastic in it, wouldn’t the government take any measures just like they took for Maggi? Every public food, whether it be Jams, Wafers, every eatable goes under testing by the authorized food departments, before entering the market for sale. And it’s also proven by many Food specialists that the smoke coming out of a burnt kurkure stick is because of the preservatives and starch, not the plastic!




‘Worker with AIDS from the company has contaminated’ Dumbass!! You mean, Frooti such a big company, hires workers to crush mangoes and flush its juice in the bottle? So you think they don’t use technology, machines to make the juice and put it in bottle? Standing ovation of my tallest finger to your intelligence.




I received this message long back, I called the number to confirm if it’s true. The receiver shouted at me saying, ‘Hazaar baar bola idhar call mat karo, samajhta nai hai kya!! Beep. Beep.’ And he hung up. I called him up again to return his beeps. You can try it too. And tell me one thing, if the guy is really blind, how the fuck did he manage to type this message?


Honey? So all the pharmaceutical companies are just wasting their money in finding cure for Ebola. This text composer must be Bsc. Failed scientist.


Even google, NASA and other organizations will say, ‘What the fuck?’ after reading these texts. Height of bullshit.


Special Modi government appreciating fake messages:-




No offence to Modi government but these messages are as fake as Anushka sharma’s duck-lips in PK.




There’s no such slogan made by Modi, and for your all kind information, Telegram is not an Indian company, it’s a German company. If you are such a patriotic person, you can use Hike.




This message is specially posted by guys in whatsapp groups, so that they can impress other girls by showing that they really care about women safety. By the way, this law has not been passed on by Modi government, it’s already been there from many years. You can google it to know.


That’s a futuristic technology I must say!


Free talktimes, and gift vouchers:




Some people are really so generous to share this free recharge messages.



And Amazon gift voucers? Amazon completed 10 years? Lol, its there for 20 years, not 10.
Its human tendency, we believe in what we read more easily then what we hear or see. So, whenever we receive such messages, we tend to believe them. But we are only being fooled by someone who has no other work to do than compose them. Ignore these texts, stop spreading fake information about health, knowledge or companies. It takes lot of efforts from employees, workers and everyone to build a trust for a brand, by forwarding it, we are only degrading a company’s goodwill. Definitely, forward the messages if you’ve experienced it by yourself, but don’t be a fool to forward it blindly without confirming the news and source of it. Save yourself, from being a Whatsapp fool. 😉
Hey, by the way, this below message is quite true.


Just kidding.



Pratik Jadhav


8 thoughts on “WhatsApp Fools.

  1. Firstly I got attracted towards your title Whatsapp fools. Then read entire inciden which happened to you even to me, still laughing that how silly I were. Intially I used to forward that shits but now I simply throw them to trash bin. About your post, it was hamesha ki tarah Aweeeesoooommeee 😍👍👍👍
    Eagerly waiting fr ur new post.😁

    Liked by 1 person

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