The Shitiness Rises!

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Helloz Fellas!! I know you’re been missing me for long for not writing any article. ( I mean, I am assuming so.) I am humbly not sorry about it. Dudes, I’ve got a life too, I can’t keep writing all the time. And honestly accepting, I had a writer’s block since long. The sleepy cells in my brain were wondering about different topics I should write upon, and ultimately, the laziest of them all shouted- ‘fuck it man, just don’t write for some time’, I listened to that cell.

But the writer keeda in me never dies. Whether I am travelling or whether I am watching funny videos on YouTube or when I am in a hypnotised state of mind staring at my crush or whether I am scratching my arm after a mosquito bite at night, every bloody thing reminds me of writing! Though one thing is weird, in my class’ tests, when I am about to write, Some unusual activity in my brain stops me from writing the answers, that lazy cell shouts-‘Kuch padke aaya hota toh likh paata kamine.’

Well, writing reminds me of the movie Happy Ending. I saw it the other day for saif and illeana. Being a Saif Ali Khan fan, I can even watch Agent Vinod with astonishing enthusiasm. It’s a good movie, and I got quite related to the main character Yudi, because of the same writers block thing. It might not have boomed high at the box office, but it surely brings a smile at its climax. (I am talking about Happy Ending, not AgentVinod) (Clarifying for Alia Bhatt, in case she reads my article) So if you got nothing to do this weekend, except watching comedy nights with kapil and getting over the smelly shit of Ek Ghante ka Maha episodes of daily soaps, you can watch this movie. By the way don’t download it from Torrents, buy original DVDs. (Just Kidding!)

Wese, what an amazing was the last weekend, wasn’t it? The grand Finale of Bigg Boss 8, and what anamazingly amazing season it was,Thoroughly entertaining with four Namunas- Gautam, Upen, Ali,Rahul, and the rest of the crazy girls in the house! (All girls in the world are crazy.) (No offense.)

alia 1

By the way for Alia-

Namuna- A hindi word used by me in this article just to kill the lack of funny sounding words. (noun) (Verb) (Adjective) (Use it as whatever the hell you want to)

The season was quite predictable too, for even an infant person who might have come on earth hours back might have predicted Gautam to be the winner. He was such an exceptional personality, the song itself was a rage, ‘we love, we love Gauti!’


I just wish he doesn’t give half of the prize money to that baldy…that taklu…what’s his name? Starts with P…shit I forgot!

Anyways, another new angle to the show was UPMA, I loved watching Upen flirting with Karishma, it was no less than a movie scene. Farah khan, hosted the show quite well, to be honest, I think it was better than Salman.(To which I know many Salman khan fans among you may disagree insanely)

Insanity reminds me of the talk of the town, I mean the talk of the web – The AIB knockout Roast. Well, no matter in how bold letters they disclaimed that the language used in it is filthy, and only 18+ people should watch it, even a 15 year dude must have watched it. I watched it out of pure curiosity, It was good, not a complete laugh riot, but kinda funny. Some jokes on Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar were really funny. Even the roasting of Ashish shakya and Raghu Ram were cool. And to the people who haven’t watched it, ‘ It was just a show, where legs were pulled of Ranveer and Arjun in filthy language in a humorous way.’

I read a news headline saying, Head of the MNS party’s film wing, (don’t remember what his name was!) said that if karan Johar, Arjun and Ranveer singh don’t apologise for the knockout, their movies would be banned from release in India. And why? Because they used foul language in the show. But hey hello!!!!!! I’ve seen many politicians (Whose name I can’t say), (No it’s not voldemort.) give filthiest possible bad words in their bhaashans. Now how come these politicians aren’t banned yet?


This only shows how hypocrite our society is. It’s like an already fat girl telling other fat girls to be slim or a murderer educating other people about anger management techniques. Gross!! Seriously!

Speaking of hypocrisy- If Alia Bhatt by unknown circumstances, unknown algorithms and web shits, stumbles upon my blog-‘Hey, Hypocrisy isn’t related to Hippopotamus and Chris Gayle.Hypocrisy is a completely different term. Just clarifying, you’re welcome.’


These days when I come home tired after long hours of lectures or some other activities, I tune into music channels on TV with a cup of coffee to refresh myself, but then unfortunately Mallika sherawat’s upcoming movie’s songs starts playing, where she dances singing – ‘Mere ghaagre ke liye,ghamasaan machi hai.’ And then I feel like banging that cup of coffee on the screen! Seriously mallika? What’s so special about your ghagra? Ghamaasan machi hai? I just hope malllika is not under the impression that Obama visited India to discuss about her Ghagra. Who the fuck other than KRK cares about your ghagra or whatever!

Oh yeah! Yaad aaya, Its Puneet Issar I was talking about!!

By the way, Valentine’s day is the highlight of many people this month, and for Single people, it’s just another day to curse for being single or some single even celebrate it for the freedom they enjoy. A friend of mine had a recent break up. I can’t stop wondering how his valentine’s day is gonna end up this year. Ya, quite mean I am.


On a serious note, keep up the spirit for blogikpratik and thanks for all the visits by known and unknown readers, you all mean much more to me than numbers. I was thinking of changing the blog theme, should I? If you have any suggestions, mail me or write at And even if you don’t have any suggestions, you can still pour your appreciations in the comments, I am greedy for it. In the meantime, wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s day!! Even good wishes for the other chocolate, teddy,propose, etc days which come as a complimentary package with it!

Stay happy! Stay Cool!! Stay tuned!!! 😉


P.S – 1. Yes, the title of this article was inspired from The Dark Knight Rises. No similarities, just something is rising in both the cases.

2. P.S means Post Script, Alia Bhatt.


Pratik Jadhav




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  1. First time read your blog… seems funny and practical … dude keep it up. I would surely like to read such stuffs from you.
    Enjoy buds…
    Take care …

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