Childhood: Rhymes and memories.

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Childhood days- Indeed they were the best days of our life. There was no tension, dreams were flying high, possibilities had no limits, ever! Super- heroes were god, and studies were entertainment and fun. When I see some of the juniour kg and seniour kg students on their way to their school wearing their cute uniforms, with a water bottle hanging from their neck, I card and handkerchief pinned up in a funny triangular shape to their shirt pocket and one hand holding their parent’s hand, I envy them. How lucky these kids are, they are going to go to their schools and look at their teacher teavhing them rhymes with dance and action while they’ ll enjoy it to their fullest, It’s almost like watching someone perform in front of us.

Usually, I never think I am any different than a young kid, reason is I am still like a kid, I hate to grow up. I want to keep the child in me alive always, and that’s how it should be, I think. There’s not much of a difference between today’s small kid’s and the kids of few year’s back. The only positive difference is a technological difference. Kids today are more fortunate as far as technological benefits are concerned. When I was a kid, My most favourite poem was ‘Johny Johny yes papa’, No matter years have passed since my first introduction to this poem, but still it sounds as fresh as early morning, enough to give you a nostalgic hangover. But these days, kids can not only learn these poems but also can visualize it into a colourful and fun animated world by just connecting to the internet and subscribing to the youtube channel- Kids Hut. Where all the poems are presented in enjoyable videos.


My second most favourite poem was Twinkle Twinkle little star. How I wonder, how cute this poem is. I remember, how I user to stare at the colourful drawing this poem used to come with. Maybe this poem is the reason for my deep interest in astronomy. As the last line of the poem is ‘like a diamond in the sky’ I actually used to believe till my 1st std that sky actually has diamonds in it and the diamonds ladies wear must have been fallen from the sky after rains…silly me. But it’s fine, I was a small kid, I was innocent. I wish, I was born where technology like today’s would’ve made it easier to learn this poem and make it even more special, much like this one. :

Here’s a small poem by me on childhood.

” Just like a sprout coming out of a seed,
Our childhood days were same indeed…

Busy schedule and time has made us forget those days,
Let’s bring them back for a smile on our face.

The days when our small cycle for us was like a KTM or Harley Davidson,
Racing on it with friends, falling and getting hurt was great fun.

The days when we weren’t aware of proxy and bunking,
We loved to go to school to have fun and some learning.

We didn’t have any tension, we were without any worries,
We used to sleep with our parents, after listening amazing stories.

No matter what caste, religion, or creed,
Childhood days for everyone were best indeed!

Give your kid’s creativity a new twist, subscribe to the kid’s hut channel on youtube, let his imagination blend with animation and rhymes.

Thanks for reading,
Pratik Jadhav

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