Love: An exquisite feeling.

Though it’s too late now, Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely readers. May you all find true selfless love in your lives.


Valentine’s day. I love this day simply because of the fact that this day promotes ‘ Love ‘. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is a day of love. And we all have fallen in love with someone or the other. We all have had our crushes back in school days, Some of us even have it now (Including Me) And perhaps, Even many others may have had crush on you. This day reminds me of my first crush. I didn’t knew what crush means at that age.


I entered the class room and I saw a beautiful girl. She was just beautiful, very fair complexion, Big beautiful eyes, and a super cute face. I couldn’t resist myself from looking at her for some seconds. Time passed by and she became a good friend of mine. My heartbeats used to pace up whenever we talked. Later, luckily, I was even made to sit beside her. But, I ended up arguing with her many times. Can’t remember why! Still, later we became friends again, and still are. Anyways, that’s not why I am writing this article for. It was my first crush, and so I remember it to this day. It’ll remain special to me, perhaps, forever.
And of course since then I’ve had many crushes. MANY! I mean who doesn’t, right? When I was in 6th, I had crush on my Science teacher as well, she was always very sweet to me. And she was quite cute. ( Lol )


“The purest form of love is the love in which we don’t expect anything in return. ”

I recently read an article, it had a weird suggestion of falling in love with someone whom we can’t have, who are much prettier, sexier or already in a relationship. According to that article, falling in love with such person makes us grow emotionally stronger, and immune to depression. Sounds Weird, Doesn’t it? But, it makes sense! As we madly fall for a person for whom we stand no chance of becoming lover, we go through a great emotional trauma, Obviously! What would be more hurting than the feeling of not being loved back by the person you love the most. With the passing time of this one sided love affair, we go through great depression and sadness which ultimately makes us Immune to that. We stop fearing heartbreaks. In short, our heart becomes strong! I pondered upon this thought for quite a while and realized, well, yeah, this is so true. So, If you are single, You can try it!


But then, this doesn’t mean, liking someone and still curbing your emotions by hiding it. If you like someone, Don’t sit there like a loser thinking maybe I can’t have that person. Well, Just go ahead, Become friend with that person first, and then you never know, when the cupid strikes his arrow in your crush’s heart! ( ” Pyaar Dosti Hai “, Remember this dialogue from Kuch kuch hota hai? ) And even if it doesn’t, don’t worry, there are too many fishes in the sea.( Wink! ) Moreover, heartbreaks can make your heart stronger too. So, don’t worry if a girl breaks your heart. ( Boys usually don’t break hearts.* (*conditions apply)


Know the difference between love and like!

” When you like a flower, You pluck it, but when you love a flower, You water it. “


What is Love?

Scientifically, When people fall in love, the brain consistently releases a certain set of chemicals, including neurotransmitter hormones, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, the same compounds released by amphetamine, stimulating the brain’s pleasure center and leading to side effects such as increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement.

According to Wordweb dictionary, Falling in love means Feeling a sense of liking and affection for someone.

Loving someone without expecting anything in return is what is true love for me. If there is a motive behind your love, then your love is contaminated, it’s not pure.

A poem I wrote last year for a crush of mine. Hope these phrases bring your respective crushes in front of your eyes.



Many people I’ve heard about in usual chats and gossips ( I don’t do gossips, but I like to put in my ears for them ) they approach a girl, and if the girl says No, they do all the stalking and other crazy thing, they literally blackmail by saying they will commit suicide and other bull shit. Well, come on! You can’t force someone to love you. It comes from within. You can’t make that girl fall in love with you by coercion. And yes, this is more or like coercion. And suicide? I mean what the fuck! Is your life so dirt cheap that you can lose it if the girl says NO for your proposal? This might sound a bit mundane to some people but, Why not die for the country rather than committing suicide? Some Romeos and Juliets may claim that this is what love is, to die for your loved one and blah blah. I pay them standing ovation of my tallest finger. Die for your loved one, doesn’t mean committing suicide.


Love and Movies:

When I saw Ranjhanaa movie, the same question arrived in my head, why the hell is he pressurizing her, And what happens in the end? He dies. Yup, obviously, overall it’s a sweet love story. But, quite stupid too, if we descry from the hero’s point of view.

It’s not that the male lead dies in the end which makes me feel disgusted, it’s the dumb reason which makes me feel so. I mean, Observe Titanic, Hero dies, but that story touches heart, because there is a valid reason for that hero to die. He dies to save his female love. That makes sense and that can be termed as true love.

But, descry at Aashiqui 2, Why the hell the hero commits suicide? It was a hit movie because of its great music and performances. Remove that, and all bull shit is what remains. He dies because he is a loser who can’t decide to quit his drinking habit and move on with it.
He is rich ! He has someone who loves him a lot! He has a successful uncle who backs him up for music career. He has a great friend who supports him. And he dies in the end! Lolz to that.


Love yourself:

Loving yourself is the most important thing ever! If you yourself don’t love yourself, then why the hell would others?
Many of you might say, ‘Love yourself ’? Does that mean being selfish? Just caring for the self ? Hell No! Loving yourself means simply feeling affectionate about yourself. Try to make your own self happy too. Many of us forget that, we fall in love with someone and it turns out to be one sided love. Have you wondered why? Perhaps, you don’t love yourself! There might be other reasons too, but this one also would be one of the reasons.
I love the title song of I, Me aur Main movie. It has a phrase, “ Vo Duniya jeetega jisko ho ye yakeen, kabhi khudse behtar hota koi nahi…”
‘ His height is better than mine, he can have her.’, ‘ she looks so great, hell I don’t deserve her.’ ‘ He is so damn rich, he can woo any girl out there.’ ‘ Look at her smile, I wish I had that’ I mean come on! We all are special, nobody is perfect. It’s confidence which matters the most, And that comes when we fall in love with ourselves. Except yourself the way you are. Doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, fair, dark, tall, short or whatever, these limits are created by our minds, If you except these stupid judgements, you are gonna have a real miserable life. Fu*k these things, Be confident! Look in the mirror, look yourself into your eyes, and say, ‘I love you.’ No matter how crazy this sounds, do it! If you do it sincerely, trust me, you’ll feel a great emotional happiness. And that feeling is what I call, ‘Falling in love with your own self.’
When we love ourselves, we tend to grow better in all walks of life, be it the studies, love life, Performance, etc. We see to it that we are happy, we follow our heart, we try to meet our ambitions with confidence.


So to conclude,
Don’t fear break ups or heartbreaking, there is someone out there in this big beautiful world waiting for you, wait for the right time to meet him/ her. In the meantime, you can hit on others too. (Wink)
Don’t force anyone to fall in love with you.
And, when you fall in love, Just be madly sinked in it. Be passionate about it. Completely adore that person, make him think that he couldn’t have got a better person than you in his life ever!
If you have a crush, Tell them how you feel about him/her, trust me, it’s a great feeling. And, yup! Fall in love with yourself first, If you don’t love yourself, No one else is going to love you.


Sometimes I wish, I was like the Dexter character, NO understanding of human emotions. There would’ve been NO Crushes! NO heartbreaks! NO Love! NO Emotional ruts!

That’s it for now. I know these blog was literally dead for so many months. But it’s gonna be alive and super active again like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I promise. Moreover, I’ve been working on a E-book of mine which is going to be available for sale soon on Amazon. I’ll share it’s official cover pic soon on blogikpratik facebook page. Also new contests would be held up to promote the book. It will most probably come in May, 2014. Your enthusiasm and support is definitely needed. Hope to get the same love and response from you all for my book too. If theres any suggestion for new articles, or anything about the writing, do let me know.
Till then, Keep Loving and all the best for the forthcoming exams.

Pratik Jadhav



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