Late – but always at the right place, at the right time!


“Its time to go on earth dear son…” said God.
“Well…ya god, whats the hurry?” I replied.
“Its 9th August already, your dispatch day.”
“Ya, Ya, I’ll go after a short nap and after watching movie later.”
“Oh my God!” sighed God.

Well, this is the conversation between Me and God when in heaven. And after I completed my nap and the movie (Can’t remember which one it was!), I landed up on earth on 11th August 1993. Late by just one day and few hours. Few weeks later the Brahmin who makes kundli, told my parents, ‘This child has taken birth when the stars and planets were perfectly in the right position, I foresee a lucky and prosperous future awaiting him ( Its true fact about Brahmin’s words, as told by my mom to me. ) And that is how my habit of being late started!

I still get late most of the times, many of my friends wonder whats the reason, sometimes it’s the traffic ( the most common reason I give these days), sometimes my laziness.


But being late has always proved lucky for me,

I remember the first day of my new school in 1st std. I was late by few minutes (Can’t remember the reason), was quite nervous as it was the FIRST day of the NEW school. I entered the classroom with a bit of panic, I saw a lady with big eyes and spectacles, she was the class teacher and to my surprise she was quite friendly, her name was Mrs. Bose. Since I was late all the benches were occupied, only the first bench in front of the teacher’s table had only a single guy sitting on it (maybe all were quite afraid to sit exactly in front of her), She made me sit there, I wanted to sit on the first bench, and luckily that’s what I got! I easily came in her recognition always, she made me participate in all the competitions for the rest of the year, on my mother’s request(and I won many times). And that is how, being late indirectly helped me get the place I wanted to sit on, it also helped me win friendliness of my teacher, win competitions, and also get a wonderful friend named Juzer(that guy sitting next to me). We are still friends, still that teacher is a great friend of my mom and still looks at me with fondness and says – “Kitna bada ho gaya pratik betaaa…” If I wouldn’t have had been late at that time, the picture would have been different.


“If you don’t respect time, Time won’t respect you.” I’ve heard and read this quote a lot many times. Well, Who the F*** wants time’s respect? (I mean , Who the Fish) Time’s not even a real person.

I find being on time too boring, whats good in arriving on time as every normal average person does? That adrenaline rush of being late is so exciting! Everyone asks you, ‘Why are you late?’ and you become the centre of attention in seconds. And you just have to give them the true reason ( Ahem, Ahem! ) , and thus the conversation goes on and on…in a fun – filled way. Well, this is the case with me atleast.


I am a guy who strictly believes in ethics and etiquettes like politeness, discipline, respecting females, etc. but god knows why it’s so difficult for me to believe in punctuality (Maybe even god doesn’t know it). During school days, Value education was a great subject. At that time, I found it quite boring, but after growing up and reading about many great people like Dale Carnegie, Steve jobs, Bill Gates etc, I realised that they have achieved everything in their life by believing in hard work, politeness, dignity and punctuality which is exactly what value education subject theoretically taught us in those days. And now I completely believe and follow all moral values and ethics except Punctuality.

We all must have been taught these common example for puctuality –

1. What would happen if you have a train of 8 AM and you reach the station by 8.01 AM , you’ll be late and you won’t be able to catch the train . That is why punctuality is so important .

I used to wonder- So what? I’ ll catch another train. Or I’ ll go by Taxi, or bus or my BMW (which I always desire to own) (Rolls Royce also) (even ferrari) (Am I getting out of topic? Anyways)

2 . If you have planned a movie outing and you are late, then you’d miss the starting part of the movie. I used to wonder – so what? I’ ll again go for the same movie, or I ‘ll buy the DVD when it arrives in the market. There’s also torrents to download it?

3 . If you are going for an interview , and you are late, you won’t be able to impress your employer .
I used to wonder – Who the hell wants to go for an interview , I am studying hard to become the employer myself ! And even though I ‘ ll have to give interviews in the start of my career , Its about my career, I’ll obviously be serious towards it and I won’t be late!

I think, My being late is related to my being quite lazy. Well, being of the sun sign Leo, laziness is a natural trait in me. But when a Leo decides, he turns out to be the most hard-working person ever. Anyways, lets talk about laziness now. It is said, whatever is slow and gradual is wonderful and graceful, many sages too have said- Sabar ka fal ( fruit ) meetha hota hai . (Ya, I know you know meaning of ‘fal’, just read on.)
You all must have eaten dum biryani and khichdi as well .
Dum Biryani takes lots of time to be ready to eat, whereas Khichdi is quite quick to make. But, which dish tastes better? Which dish is more royal? Which dish you’ d like to eat? Dum Biryani, no matter it consumes lot of time to make it. Apply the same principle with we humans, which person you’ d like more? The person who does everything fast and imperfecty? or the person who does everything slowly but perfectly? (Some of you might think of third category – fast and perfectly, well guys, we aren’t Shaktiman or Superman.)


Having said that I ‘ ll end my article here.


1 . The above article is written just for entertainment purpose, don’t blame me or my article if you are late anytime.

2 . I know some of you may go for Maggi (even me) instead of Khichdi in the dum biryani example, but come on, Dum Biryani is still better .
3 . Don’t be too lazy, and be punctual always (even I am trying to)
4 . I wrote this article just for fun, it’s not that I don’t respect time.

Oh God ! It’s 2 A.M now, I am late for my sleep, Hope I Don’t wake up late tomorrow.
Good Night. Zzzz . . .


Pratik Jadhav



13 thoughts on “Late – but always at the right place, at the right time!

  1. Oh really.. u naaa.. Pratik..
    Ahem… khicdi in pasta style haan.. πŸ™‚
    gud work.. keep it up… I mean the writing.. nt ur habit of getting late. πŸ™‚


  2. hehe , Yess Sakshuu , I know its a bad habit . And thank you dear . Wese , lol , I ‘ ve never tasted khichdi in pasta style . Your innovatively made dish I guess . πŸ˜›


  3. Wonderful again buddy..!! Now atleast I wont feel guilty when I am late… πŸ˜€
    What I liked the most — your comparision b/w Biryani & Khichidi πŸ˜‰
    and of course about our friend Juzer & beloved Bose teacher..:)
    keep it up..!! πŸ™‚


  4. i hve read all ur posts… they al r awwsome n dis one gr8 m funny… like it… thumbs up … pratik… even … m quiteee lazyyy πŸ˜›


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