Mother India : The safety of her daughters .


Delhi , the capital of India . The capital of the country , which is believed to be respecting old traditions , rich in cultural values , where Durga , Lakshmi , Vani , Kali etc goddesses are worshiped . And , in the capital of such an incredible country , beastly event takes place – A gang rape of a 23 years old girl in a Bus at around 9 . 15 pm . I feel ashamed to share all the details of it , you must have read in the newspapers , it boiled my blood as well as sank my heart . Just try to imagine , the girl experienced all that ! Her intestine got infected with gangrene , she is unable to eat , nutrition is provided through intravenous routes . She is unable to breathe , though she is trying hard , She is on ventilator . This act is not just cruel and brutal but far worst than that .


The Punishment :

Are you all satisfied with punishment such rapists get ? The accused gets the punishment of imprisonment for few years , mostly 5 to 6 years , Sometimes not even that , only capital punishment where he has to pay some amount as fine . Hard to believe , Isn’t it ? Well , check out this link : .
The people who throw acids on girls get punishment of imprisonment for only 10 years .
Check out this link :

  • .

    But my point is , The person who throws the acids or rapes get imprisoned for few years and then their life again becomes normal , But , the victim , the innocent girl has to deal with the trauma all her life ! Her life never becomes normal again . Is this fair ? Then how these punishments are accurate ?


    My Opinion :

    Castration should be done to such rapists . And if the rapists do much hell like activity like the delhi gang rapists did , then they deserve a painful death . The same iron rod should be inserted in their ass , if they still dont die , they should be hanged . And for the people who throw acids , when caught , Acids should be thrown on them too , and this time , the victim should be allowed to throw it on their culprit .

    Frankly Speaking :

    Whenever any rape takes place , we are all responsible for it . Especially the boys with unknowingly having cheap mentality . There are guys who pass vulgar comments , whistle , promote pornography , do eve teasing . Why do they forget , that they took birth in this world from the womb of a female ? There are ladies in their home too , their mother , their sisters , etc . Will they tolerate someone whistling while their mother or sister walk on streets ? Learn to respect women !


    Secondly , to all the parents and elders of India – Do you want your daughter to live a life where she has to wear a fully covered clothes , walk with fear on streets , fear to go out late night ? If No , then stop telling your daughter to wear the clothes of your choice . She has all the right to choose and dress the way she wants at whatever time of day or night in whichever part of the country . She has all the right just like your son has . Promote her thinking , promote her freedom . Dont care about the bloody low mentality people , if you care about that , then you are indirectly promoting the thoughts of such perverts . Rather , make your daughter brave . And if you worry , make her learn martial arts for her self protection but dont curb her freedom .


    And one sentence for the people who promote the society which says – ” Girls dress in an indecent way which leads to eve teasing and rapes in the country . ” – ‘ Go sink yourself and die . ‘

    One request to all the girls – If you really want our country to be safe – Don’t give a damn about what the orthodox society says , rather just do what you feel , wear according to your likes , think and act the way you want . On safer side , Carry a pepper spray along with you always , learn martial arts , because unfortunately – Women are not yet safe in our India for sure .

    Click on the link and sign the petition to demand death penalty for the delhi gang rapists . Your opinion ” Definitely ” counts :


    Lets hope one day we live in a country where women are respected equally like men in all walks of life , where women would be dressing the way they want , where women would feel secured and free to go out of their home at any time of the day and night , at any place . Where no inhuman activity would occur , ever . Where every man would respect her , where women would enjoy the same freedom , like the men of the country enjoy now . Only then we would be able to proudly say , ” Our Mother India is truly incredible and her daughters are ‘ definitely ‘ safe . ”

    Thanks for reading .

    Love ,

    Pratik Jadhav



    14 thoughts on “Mother India : The safety of her daughters .

    1. Pratik…. Another great piece from you as expected.. Good job! You have used your current emotions in the proper manner to finish the piece.. Well all i have to say if it takes you so long to write a piece like this…. Then… Take some more yaar!! Tc. πŸ™‚


    2. I would really wish to live in India wich would treat women equally…….. i would request everyone to read this article…. gr88!!!


    3. good…. we all should think like that, but I have another point of view that our leadership doesnt train us enough to act sanely, I think, first we should work and force our leadership in power to establish a society where respect for others is like the instinct so that no one has to tell someone to respect…….. even then if someone doesnt understand, idea of castration is not a bad idea.


      • Yes that’s a great thought Haroon. Women safety and respect for everyone should be a common trait in everyone. But I think, more than leaders, if we ourselves change our thinking and actions, people surrounding us would get influenced and change themselves too. πŸ™‚


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