Addicted to Non – Sense .

Yup , we hate non – sense things . They irritate , of course . But , we are very much addicted to it . It would be wrong to say , it irritates . We enjoy non – sensical stuff actually . We love it , unknowingly . Let me explain – you may forget a person who was very much informative to you , but you ‘ ll never forget a friend who made you laugh all the while with his stupid and non sense jokes and pjs .

Why this kolaveri di ? Song , what song was it ? The song with the most non – sense lyrics – distance la moon aa , moon aa , moona coloru whitaa . . . What the +*=* !! ( what the fish , is what I ‘ ve written ) ( and sorry for humming it so badly ) But as we know , the song was an internet rage .

Oh meri jaan , oh meri jaan , mereko majnu banakar , kahaan chaldi , kahaan chaldi , pyaar ki pungi bajakar . . . !! ( This time I hummed quite well , didn’t I ? ) That ‘ s  super-duper entertaining track , thanks to the weird lyrics by Amitabh Bhatacharya and Funny dance by Saif  ( He is awesome , leo like me 😛 ) . So this proves that the more a substance has non – sense quotient , the more entertaining and lovable it becomes .

Another example ? Well how can we forget the king of non – sense . The Great Salman khan . The man who does the most non sense dance ever , most overacting on silver screen , stupid unrealistic action stunts which look unreal because of his non sense expressions while doing them , the man who gets drunken , kills people sleeping on footpath by driving over them and then wears a T – shirt shouting ‘ Being Human . ‘

His movies have the most non – sense content ever found by KDMC or BMC , or whatever . I am still in a depression after watching Dabangg , it was just pathetic , the only thing which attracted the viewers was the non sensical dialogue in the promo – hum tumhe itne chhed karengey k confuse ho jaogey . . .
Bodyguard – oh god ! It was so damn stupid . He didnt even recognized his so called madam ‘ s voice when she used to call him , and here when I call my friends by changing my voice saying – ” This is from ( their college name ) college , called you to give last warning as you are not attending the lectures .” they reply – ” Pratik ? Is it you ? ” . My friends are more intelligent than Salman ‘ s crap movie concept ! Just see his dance in Ready – shaking hands in the pockets and then rubbing his bums . Non – sense at its height !

But then this actor breaks all box office records . People go mad when he does non – sense stuff on silver screen . Thus , it is proved . Non – sense attracts enjoyment , enjoyment attracts your charm , and people love you for that .

Here is another Dumb who thinks his pose is cool – SRK ! I wonder if he even shits in that position .

well . . . non sense can be seen in youngsters too ! Some girls wear Tops with messages like –
” My face is above , not here ! ” and ” M sexy and I know it ! ” ( no girl , you are a dumb bimbo ! , that’s what one should
tell such girls ) but anyways , Even I kinda like this non sense trend for some unknown reasons . Ahem !!
Ya even boys wear some T – Shirts with non sense messages , But I don’t really read them ,
you know ( Ahem ! ahem !!!) .

Not just youngsters but non sense is loved by people of all age groups . I hate it when my family watches some stupid daily soaps .
A common script to all of them , A villain like character in a stupid family ,
who does stupid tricks to take revenge for some childish reason . The background score is like
that shitty villain is going to kill James Bond now and the world will get a heart attack because of it . duh !
If I was the president of India ( Just imagine I mean ) , I would have banned all channels
like Zee tv and star plus .
oh come on , elders ‘ Grow Up !!! ‘

Big old fat aunties are spat up with 1 kg make up ! And they show attitude as if Kate winslet and Angeline Jolie came to them for beauty tips .

I find it hilarious when old people watch sanskar tv and all that shit . A holy Baba gives bhashan to people
on how to live life as if god just sent them a ‘ Human Behaviour manual ‘ .
I saw my friend ‘ s grandparents watching this crap sanskar tv channel , when I visited him once .
They watched it with full on concentration like I watch Fashion tv sometimes . ( Lol ! shussh ! )
The Baba in the tv said – ” Jeevan kya hai ?? ek mitti ka kathin raasta hai . Insaan bewakoof hai .
Khud bhi bana hai mitti ka , aur pyaar bhi karta hai mitti se .
shaadi ke milan se apna jeevan wyarth na karo , apna jeevan prabhu ke sharan me arpit kardo . ”
I searched his name on google ( can’t remember his name now ) , that Baba had 4 children and two times
allegations for women trafficking . ( What The F*** !) ( what the fish , is what I mean again )
I felt like going inside the screen ( Maybe , I ‘ll have to wait for 5G technology
for it ) and kick that Baba ‘ s ass !
Old guys love this non sense too , though its non sense in real sense .

People like this non – sense advertisement too !!!

But to be really honest I do feel that some kind of non sense is important to be shown to others .
If you say ‘ no ‘ just consider this examples –

ke$ha – Her songs too have a lunatic lyrics . But people love her . even I do .
( she looks so cute )
James Cameron – Avatar , it was a non sense concept ! but we know what history that movie created .
Even all the terminator series ! But we liked it , didn ‘ t we ?
( Even his sun sign is Leo like mine , so I like him too )

J K Rowlings – Harry Potter , the story which makes no sense at all , it earns billions of revenue
on it’s every movie release . ( Ya even she is a leo . I like her . )
Lady Gaga – People like her and her bizarre outfits ! ( No , she is an Aries )
( why am I talking about sun signs now ?? )
( That ‘ s probably a hint that am gonna write my next article on sun signs . )

Thus , whatever non – sense , bizarre , crazy , insane , lunatic factor you got , show it to others . Because the more you got it , the more alive you seem . If you keep on caring about what others think about you , your life will suck like all the politicians being fake all the while . don’t feel shy , never !!! we are familiar with a quote – ” Live your life like each day is your last . ” And that ‘ s true .

Here is a mind exercise which can make you feel positive , alive and energetic :—

Whenever you feel low or shy , simply close your eyes , imagine yourself after next 90 years of your life  ( of course we will become one day . ) sitting on a chair , in your dream house , watching at the birds , you ‘ ve become very old . Try to live that moment . You are thinking about all the crazy things you wanted to do in your life but you did ‘ nt do it . Either because you were too shy or either because you cared a lot about what others would think about you . whatever it was . Just feel this emotion of regret . pray God ( or the universe , incase you are an athiest ) to grant you your youth days again . visualize yourself praying . After few seconds , open your eyes . You may get goose – bumps (depend upon with how much sincerity you did this exercise . )  , You ‘ ll  feel like God just fullfilled your wish of being young again . You ‘ ll feel refreshed , active , ALIVE !!!

You must have watched The movie ‘ Life in a . . . Metro ‘ , I love that movie . My favourite tale in it was Dharmendra ‘ s . It gave a wonderful message that sometimes we should listen to our Heart . Life wont give second chance , live each and every moment of it as your heart commands .

So , that’s it for now . In short – Life is easy ,  Enjoy It , keep doing non sense stuff ! You love non sense too , if it was ‘ nt so , you wouldnt have read my article till here !! ( though the above philosophy in not senseless at all . )

Here are some non – sensical Jokes for You ( Even you deserve something for reading my article ) : –

Ladkewale : ladki ka naam kya hai ?

ladkiwale : hamari pyari , aapki pyaari , sabki pyaari , ‘ Raampyari ‘ !!!

ladkiwale : aur ladke ka naam kya hai ??

ladkewale : Hamara Gu , Aapka Gu , Sabka Gu . . . Jaggu !!! 😛

son to his father : My girlfriend dumped me ! she sent me her pics with her boyfriend , what should I do ???

Father : send them to her father !!

Girl : I changed my mind ,

Boy : so , is the new one working ???

Thanks For Reading ,

Pratik Jadhav .


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