Facebook Fever .

Have you ever imagined , how much time we spend on facebook in a day ? How many status updates we did till now ? How many photos we tagged till now ? No ? ? Good . You are stupid if you say yes . We love Facebook , thats it . Do hell with these questions . I just asked because I didnt knew what to write in start of this article ( Lol ! ) . Anyways , recently I read a survey , according to it , ” About 79 % people in the whole Asia spend minimum 4 hours daily on facebook . So this fact , and the above ridiculous questions made me write a poem . It would be best if you read it with any tune you want . Here it goes ,

Facebook fever on our head ,

From morning till we go to bed .

No matter we are at college or home ,

Or with friends , for a casual roam ,

We love to visit it all the time ,

No matter our day was bad or fine .

The race of getting more and more likes ,

Is the reason , like lightning new status strikes ,

From nasty to awesome comments ,

The status ‘ life comes to an end .

We love to tag ,

Some pics with a gag .

We upload pics , our every clicks ,

From photos of self to every hot chick .

Sending request to every hot looking girl / guy ,

Looking at their name on chat list and sending them ‘ hie ‘ . . .

Waiting for a moment but sometimes theres no reply ,

Doing the same thing again , just a try .

[ Getting angry and messaging , ” get lost you bit*h , good bie ! ! ! ” ( This is what I was going to write instead of upper phrase , but it sounded quite rude , so didnt . ) ]

Every girl here acts like a big model she is ,

Hardly they understand , they look ‘ fool ‘ , the more they do this ,

Just like a very small baby in mother ‘ s womb ,

Outer world is great , but facebook is our ‘ second home ‘ .

Facebook fever on our head ,

From morning till we go to bed . . .


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