School days…Dont you feel any kind of emotional wavelength pass through you as you read the word ‘school’ itself.The days which we mostly felt that it would be so good to grow up and go out of this stupid four walls of classroom.We were not controlled by ourselves.The teachers used to control us.In school,I used to feel that I am never gonna miss my school days ever.It sucks!!But now I miss,Wearing the Uniform,Checking of Haircut,nails to be properly cut,Shoes must be properly polished,Uniform properly ironed.We all were so disciplined.Dont you guys miss all those days?

Waking up early in the morning at 5 to get ready for the school.Doing the timetable(Dont make faces now,I know you used to do it in the previous night before sleeping,but I wasnt!!!),Waiting for the school bus to arrive(I used to miss it most often),On reaching the school,Getting ready to keep your bag on the bench you always used to sit on,and going into the assembly hall for the prayers(In my school,Each year from my 6th standard to 10th,I was appointed as the prayer head , and my duty was to shout “School attention” n all and sing national anthem and other prayer with three other prayer head girls),sitting for the subject period to end,Yawning and waiting for the recess were the only options left to us,Playing like mad people in recess,and finally to wait for last bell to end the school hours for today.The Six hours of our school used to run without letting us know.Dont you miss that hours now?

But the most important part from school days which I am sure even you all miss are the mischiefs we used to do which annoyed our teachers to a great extent.We all did it some day,(Except,if you were the bore,dumb and so called scholar student of the school),To irritate teachers was our birth right(Even in colleges we do it,but let us only concentrate on school days now),shouting funny voice whenever the teacher turned herself back to write on the blackboard,were the most common thing each one of us used to do,But still hardly anyone used to get caught.After all,Doing mischief but Never getting caught was the natural inborn talent we had(I think we have it even now).

Girlfriends/Boyfriends were also the most important part of school life.Teasing a boy with a girls name was so common,which ultimately resulted in the whole class believeing the pair to be truly in a relationship.We all had a crush,didnt we? Sitting beside him/her whenever we get a chance.Trying to become him/her’s best friend.Whenever any teacher cracked a joke,to look first at that special ones expressions.Take their books for the completion of our books,even though sometimes our books used to be complete.We all did this,Right?

And how can we forget our Best Friend.We all had a best friend.Only one.To whom we used to share every thought of ours.We had a great trust upon him/her.Infact,When we try to recollect our school days memories,Our best friend’s face is what comes to our mind first!Just try to remember the day when your best friend was absent due to his illness,or any reason,how was that day?disgusting!wasnt it?

And,There are many more things to miss about our school such as Picnics,Punishments,Pranks,Fights,Annual Gatherings,Competitions in which we got Prizes,Our favourite teacher,Crush on a particular teacher,And much more…

Well…If a Smile appeared on your face,after reading this article,then believe it or not,you really love your school days,and maybe you are really missing them…Those days wont come ever again…After few years you will miss the present days too…So live each moment!Love yourself and enjoy the present to the fullest,after all,its not going to last for a long time…!



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