Exams!!!(Dont you think this happens or happened with you too?)

Exams…!Ooof!!The most problematic period of a student’s life!Have sleepless nights like you’ve fallen in love with someone…,Then waking up early in the morning by pressing the snooze button for about 6-7 times(God bless the one who invented it),with a facial expression like a roadside dog beaten up with hot heated rod on his ass! The first thing to be done is of course ,look up for your cell phone,and look at the hot actress’ wallpaper or else your day might be more sucking than it is already due to exams!

Then get ready to open your books,yawning is not allowed,it shows you are not at all concentrating,read two to three lines…suddenly look at the wall…keep staring it for few seconds and thoughts begin to develop in your mind…some imagination you never thought about…thoughts about your favourite movie,your crush flying in your thoughts smiling at you…and suddenly the mobile’s alarm starts to ring again as you forgot to remove it,just snoozed it up again and again…shit!only 2 hours left for the exam…!

You enter the classroom,you are already late,the moderator staring at you,you ask for the answer sheet,He stares you with a horrible expression as if you asked him for a kiss…!You take the answer sheet and sit on your seat…The hot girl sitting beside you,asking you ‘Padke ho gaya?’ ”please,Help me yar…”And you replyin…”ya sure”, in a hope of increasing friendship with that girl…You look at the question paper,F@%K!!You write the paper with all your possible thinking!!!You will even hear someone saying “ae dikhana””side hoke baith””shut up you dumbs…..maintain silence”…

Time passes away…Again your cycle of imagination develops…you start imagining ,what you are going to do after exams are over…The time keeps running…Bell rings(last 1 hour remaining)…you start writing with a speed like Rajdhani express,with handwriting like the dried shit of a rat….

Last 10 minutes remaining,and suddenly your nose gets the biggest shock…!Who the Fu*k is Farting!!Bloody As*hol*!!You cant bear the smell,nor can you make faces as your moderator might think you are trying to communicate with friend sitting beside you using some facial codes!You have to inhale the fart smell imagining what the as*hole ate before coming for the exams!!

So,now the time is over…”why you didnt yet tie the supplements?you dumbs,come on fast!”,the moderator shouts coming to you,you ask him,”sir,please 5 minutes!” He again looks at you Like you asked him for a smooch for the second time…!’SCRATCH!!!’ He took your paper,”As*hole” you whisper to yourself!!You Discuss the questions with your friends ,”No yar,ye questions chod diya!””mere aage ek badhir betha tha,No scope of copying” are the common sentences used!And thats how The exam ends…

Now Go home,and Prepare the next subject for tomorrow…..!!


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