First Love by Sheeja Jose Book Review

First love stories are always special, because the emotions experienced when we are in love for the first time are raw, innocent are have a long time affect. First love by Sheeja Bose has a very attractive cover and gives an impression that the story is going to be drenched in love. But is it really as good as its cover? Let’s find out!


Tina is seventeen. Wonderful! Fell in love at thirteen. Amazing! She is no longer a virgin. So cool! But she is still in love with her first love. To say that Tina has the perfect love story will be no exaggeration. But her love loves her back only in her dreams. In real life, he is busy skirt-chasing every single girl except her. Years pass, and Tina finds it impossible to get over him. She is determined to make her first love her last, even if she gets hurt again and again. Will Tina get the happy ending she so desperately wants? A passionate love story, first love journeys through the love of two youngsters as they get hurt, suffer heartbreaks, and love with an unending passion.

The LazyScoop Review:

First love by Sheeja Jose is about Tina, who lives in a small happy world of her friends, and the people of her apartment. Her life is quite blissful. However, it changes when one day Aditya Kapoor enters it. Tina falls in love with Aditya, truly-From all her heart. However, things are not the same with Aditya. In real life Aditya is a flirt who is not serious about any girl. Aditya never validates Tina’s love though they both have been physically involved with each other, rather he is busy chasing other girls. Will Aditya realize Tina’s love for him? Will Tina finally give up or she would still continue to be in love with Aditya. Will her first love be her last love? Read on the book to find out.

The narration is simple, and is written in first person. And the dialogues are quite entertaining. The story seems fast paced and the places where emotions needed to be explored have been explored well. The characters are well developed, I felt as if Tina is my friend and is narrating me her story through this book. This story has everything- happy moments, sadness, heartbreaks, intimacy and of course emotions.

First Love by Sheeja Jose takes you on an emotional ride and makes a great fast read which would definitely remind you of your first love.


Cover: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/ 5 Stars

Story: 4/ 5 Stars

Characters: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4/ 5 Stars

If you like to read romantic stories with good narration and some heart touching moments. This book is for you. Read it in the weekend, or travelling or gift it to your bae, it deserves it.


Before You’re not Little Anymore by Vinodini Parimi Book Review

An interesting book full of letters which give amazing advices straight from a mother’s heart!

The LazyScoop Book Review:

This book is quite unique, the content is basically a mom’s feelings poured into letters for her adolescent son who is going to go abroad for his higher studies. The most wonderful thing is that her letters have message for almost every reader. It’s basically great advises for living a great happy life. Author vinodini covers topics such as anger management, depression, love, infatuation etc. basically every problem which an adolescent or perhaps an adult too may face. The tips and advices seem very practical and honest, coming straight from the author’s heart.
What I liked about this book is it’s simple yet amazing advices.
The Language used is simple too. The narration is as if you are having a one to one dialogue with your mom.
Overall, a great book to learn and grow, right from a mother.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 3/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 3/ 5 Stars

Language: 4/ 5 Stars

Life Lessons: 3.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 3/ 5 Stars

42 Days of Love Book by Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal Book Review

The LazyScoop Book Review:

42 days of love is the story of Donna, and her thirst for adventure and exploration. Her vow to find a sunken treasure of Indian Nizam brings her many challenges. Whether she finds the treasure or not? Will she and her crew be successful in finding what they are in search of ?
Read the book to know.
I love stories that are adventurous, bold and mystical in some ways. Such stories are few, and 42 days of love is one of them. It builds a suspense throughout the chapters, and constantly makes you want to know what’s more going to happen!
The narration is very simple and easy to read. The chapters are quite compelling. I liked how the books throws light on precautions to be taken while deep diving. Also the description of under water scenes brings the whole picture in front of your eyes. Even the characterization is impressive. You connect with Donna in her quest from the first page itself.
Overall, it’s a great book to dive in for a wonderful and adventurous reading experience.

The LazyScoop Ratings:

Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 4/ 5 Stars

Characters: 4/ 5 Stars

Language: 4/ 5 Stars

Story: 4.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4/ 5 Stars

The Last Avatar: Part 1 by Vishwas Mudagal Book Review

The LazyScoop Review:

The cover of the book is extremely attractive. I think the designers have l put their thoughts in designing the overall cover. Impressive!

The story of Kalki has always intrigued me. The idea that there can be an avatar of god in the future is fascinating. And that idea is amazingly conceptualized in The Last Avatar book. The book is an action packed, thrilling and extremely gripping treat.

The whole vanaroids concept, action sequences and captivating dialogues are what makes this book stand out. The story is also backed by proper mythological explanation.

Writing mythological fiction is not easy, especially on a character which is based on future, of course there can liberties taken, but it can go wrong if proper mythological study is not done before writing. I think the writer has done a marvelous job of writing brilliantly.

The language of the book is quite lucid, and characters have depth. The book is a wholesome entertainment and is a treat to read.

I would really love if a movie or web series with great budget and vfx is made from this book. Overall, You would simple love it you are a fan of mythological fiction.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Story: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 5/ 5 Stars

Characters: 4.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

It’s all about the click by Priyanka Mathur book Review

It’s all about the click gives an impression that it’s going to be an out and out romantic love story, but is it just what it seems to be or there’s lot more to the book? Let’s find out!



Meet Mitali, a young IT professional working in Bangalore who decides to take a plunge into the complex world of matrimonial websites to find herself the perfect life partner, only to be sucked right into a quagmire of stereotypes, insane expectations, and outrageous demands. 
After dozens of excruciating interviews, heartbreaking rejections, and obnoxious feedbacks, when she finally meets a guy who is refreshingly normal, Mitali agrees to marry him. But destiny has something else in mind for her. 
When that magical, elusive moment of ‘click’ which every girl longs to experience in her life comes to Mitali in the most unexpected of ways, it throws her heart and her life up in turmoil. Caught in the centre of a crazy whirlwind that lands her in a police station in the dead of the night, two days before she is set to get married.
Will Mitali be able to get out of the mess she has unwittingly created? Will she find the love her heart yearns for? Will she find that elusive ‘click’ again?

The LazyScoop Review:

The cover of the book is attractive with pink background and a silhouette couple hugging. As for the cover, book looks attractive.

Now let’s dive into the plot, Mitali is an IT professional working in Bangalore, she decides to try the matrimonial website to find a life partner. That’s when she comes across some stereotypical and unrealistic expectations and demands. Mitali after getting some rejections and feedbacks finally comes across a guy who seems normal. She decides to marry him but when everything seems normal, she experiences that magical click moment which everyone hears in the movies and tales.

Mitali’s life goes through some crazy, funny and weird situations landing her in police station just two days before her marriage.

Whom will she marry? What’s the click all about? Click to read on.

One of the things I liked about this book is its narration. It’s simple and impressive. Some scenes seriously made me laugh, and some scenes did make me emotional as well. Many times I felt I am watching a rom-com movie.

The language is lucid, the characters are well developed. Their reactions and dialogues seem well written. I am not a big fan of romantic novels, as they all seem very same to me. But It’s all about the click’ though is a romantic book, it has good writing, well developed characters and a funny tone which kept me glued to it.

Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this book. If you are a fan of romantic novels, you would surely enjoy this book.

The LazyScoop Rating:

Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/ 5 Stars

Plot: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Language: 4/ 5 Stars

Characters: 4/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4/5 stars

You can buy this book by clicking on this link!

Happy Reading!


Pratik Jadhav

PTron HBE6 wired Metal Earphones Review

One of the mobile accessories which mostly everyone of us has to constantly hunt are earphones. ‘Constantly’ because mostly the earphones are the only accesories which stop working most often.
The best earphones are the one’s with the best build quality, size of the drivers, microphone, good bass and last but not the least, the price.
Ptron earphones are available on Amazon and have considerably good review. They look premium in the pictures, but are they really good ?

Let’s find out.


The Ptron Earphones comes with an impressive packaging. There’s a tray for earphones inside. The box doesn’t have any extra ear buds or clip.

Looks and Build Quality:

One thing I immediately noticed was the metal earpieces. They look premium and the unique design gives it a stylish feel. I don’t know for just Rs. 199/- how the company pulled this off.
The earphone wire I got is red in colour, there’s one more variant available with black coloured wire. I noticed, the wire looks quite thin as compared to the rest of Earphones coming at a higher price. Nevertheless, the overall build quality looks decent. Also, the earphone jack is gold plated, ensuring it’s longetivity.


What can I expect much from a 199/- Rupees earphones is what I had thought. But, the moment I played the music, my mind was blown. The earphone has a really good bass. The highs are not too highs, and the mids and low can be heard perfectly too. Although, the bass on my boAt bassheads 225 was slightly better, but the overall sound quality in this one was above expectations. It gave at par performance with any of the premium earphones available in the market at a much higher price.


I tried calling with that microphone and it works quite fine. It has just a normal microphone like most of the earphones have. It’s good!

Branding and Style:

The Ptron brand is visible into the microphone casing on the wire, I would’ve liked the font and print to be slightly smaller and not bold to make it look even more premium.

The LazyScoop Verdict:

If you want a premium looking earphones who just don’t look good but also perform surprisingly well, these earphones are just for you. The only thing which might bother you is the width of the wire, it’s quite thin. However, considering the price, I wonder if there’s any other earphones in this price range which perform so well.


Style and Build Quality: 4/ 5 Stars

Sound: 4.5/ 5 Stars

Microphone: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Branding: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Pricing: 4.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4.5/ 5 Stars

You can buy this earphones by clicking on this link!

Fight with Fat Book Review

The cover of the book looks very minimalistic and attractive. It’s simple yet beautiful with white background. The book in first impression seems like a book which would be full of fat losing tips and advices. But is there something more to it? Let’s find out!

The LazyScoop Review:

Obesity is something which about 5% of the Indian population suffers from. With the increasing outlets of MacDs, KFC and other junk food joints, awareness among the people about health and problems of eating those junk food in excess is a must. Fight with Fat is not just a book of tips to lose fat, it’s basically a guide, which would not only give you advices to lose weight, but also provide you in depth information related to everything about health, fats and obesity.

The writer has tried to explain from various perspectives, and explained what are the causes of obesity, how to tackle it, how to prevent, why is it increasing, what are the threats etc.

There are so many diseases which can be prevented by just eating healthy food. This book dives deep into the topic.

The busy life that we all live in these days often makes us grab a food on the go to kill our hunger pangs. And that food in most cases consists of junk food. Fried, sweet, and full of calories, these kind of food are great to taste. But it’s repurcussions we face in the long run. Our body becomes fat, we feel fatigue more easily.

Fight with Fat by Dr. Kamal Mahawar is an in depth guide on how to fight with fat. But it’s not just a book limited to telling us about how we can kill the fat. It dives and takes us into meanings of various important terms used by Doctors in combating fats in our body. I liked how the Author has used real life incidents and stories to explain some important topics, that just makes the story all the way more interesting.

At the end of each chapter, there is a summary, which help in remembering the content of each chapter.
A book about fighting the fat might sound quite boring, but I found this book to be quite entertaining ! The serious topics are explained in a smooth and lucid language, it can’t get more simpler that that. Also, the Doctor doesn’t use heavy difficult-to-understand terms anywhere.

In this fast paced life, knowledge about how our body functions, how it responds to various foods, How can we make it more fit, is a must! And this book simplifies that knowledge.

If you are a health freak, or even if you are not. After reading this book, your interest in your body’s fitness would definitely increase. If you want to lose weight, or stay fit for life, this book is for you!


Cover: 4/ 5 Stars

Narration: 4/ 5 Stars

Language: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Entertainment: 3.5/ 5 Stars

Knowledge: 4.5/ 5 Stars

The LazyScoop Rating: 4/ 5 Stars